“Bubble” will be screened at MX4D & Dolby Cinema Haraichi, Iwai, Mahiro Takasugi and others comment

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The original anime “Bubble” by Tetsuro Araki and WIT STUDIO from the TV anime “Attack on Titan” series “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” will be screened on MX4D and Dolby Cinema. At the same time, a new visual drawn by WIT STUDIO was unveiled.

In this work produced by Genki Kawamura, Jun Shison plays the role of the main character Hibiki, Alice Hirose plays the role of Makoto, a scientist investigating the bubble, and Mamoru Miyano, who has been in charge of essential characters in Araki’s work. , Yuki Kaji, Tasuku Hatanaka, Sayaka Senbongi, Marina Inoue, Shinichiro Miki and others. The heroine Uta who holds the key, is the singer-songwriter Noria. Is in charge.

The story is set in Tokyo, where gravity is broken by the bubbles that have fallen into the world. The main character, Hibiki, is a boy with special hearing from an early age, and while searching for a specific “sound”, he meets a mysterious girl who does not know the word, Uta. Uta can hear the “sound” that Hibiki was looking for, and the two people who meet, guided by the “sound”, gradually communicate with each other.

This work is constructed with the story of “Princess Ningyo” as a motif, and the new visual cuts out an impressive scene in the play where the mysterious girl Uta and Hibiki, born from bubbles, meet for the first time.

Comments from celebrities who watched this work were also released, and Yuki Iwai of the comedy duo “Haraichi”, known for anime lovers, said, “The free movements of the characters are not bound by gravity like bubbles. Animation that expresses it. It’s wonderful. There is a feeling of tension that seems to be next to death in the scene where it feels like time is slowly flowing. Please watch it on a big screen. “

Actor Mahiro Takasugi said, “Jump and pop around. Beautiful stories, beautiful images, beautiful music. Everything is beautiful. Personally, this is a gorgeous group of Gen Urobuchi, Tetsuro Araki, and Takeshi Obata. I have wanted to see the work for a long time. “

“Bubble” will be released in theatres on May 13. Before the movie version, the Netflix version will be distributed worldwide from April 28.

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