The serialized magazine ‘Ultra Jump’ will be reprinted again due to the Jojo effect.

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It has been decided that the March “Ultra Jump” (Shueisha) issue, released on the 17th, will be urgently reprinted. With the start of the 9th part of the popular manga “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” (author: Hirohiko Araki) series “The JOJOlands” (The Jojolands) from the same issue, each bookstore is selling well. , It will be the fourth reprint in the magazine’s history and the first reprint in 11 years since the October 2012 issue, where the 8th part, “Jojolion,” was on the cover.

A glimpse of the remarkable hero! The opening page of the first episode of the new JoJo series The new series “The JOJOLands” is set in Hawaii, a volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean. The main character is Joestar.

The hint to “become a millionaire” is “to stand at the top of the mechanism of this world,” The story is about a boy named Jodio Joestar becoming a millionaire in Hawaii.

The new series of the “Jojo” series is the first in a year and a half since the last 8th part, “Jojolion,” which was completed in August 2021. There were voices such as “I’m looking forward to thinking about this!”, “I can’t predict what will happen from now on!”

With such excitement, the sales of the published issue were strong, and an emergency reprint was decided. Regarding the reprint of the magazine, Shueisha explained that it is the fourth reprint following April 2010, June 2011, and October 2012 issues.

In addition, the October 2012 issue, which was reprinted last time, also had “Jojo” on the cover, and the 25th-anniversary book “25YEARS WITH JOJO” in the appendix became a hot topic. It was urgently reprinted because it was out of stock one after another.

Araki’s popular manga “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,” which began serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) in 1987, is the story of the Joestar family, which starts with the encounter between two boys, Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando. Taiga’s works depict blood ties and fate. It is drawn in a unique way that the main character is replaced for each part from part 1 to claim 8.

The cumulative number of comics published in the series is over 120 million copies, and the impressive poses, novel onomatopoeia, distinctive dialogue, and original worldview are gaining support worldwide. It has become a famous work made into an anime, a live-action movie, and a drama.

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