The first episode of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” TV anime version “Infinite Train Edition” is a completely new work!

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The latest information on the TV anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” after the program broadcast on the 25th, when the first TV broadcast of “Theatrical Version” Kimetsu no Yaiba “Infinite Train Edition” (20), which set a new record for box office in Japan, was broadcast. Is lifted at once. On SNS, which had already been dyed with “Kimetsu no Yaiba,” “information overload” became a trend and caused a great reaction.

First of all, the latest information on “Yukaku,” the second season of TV animation, was announced. The broadcast start date has been decided on Sunday, December 5, and the first broadcast will be for one hour. And Miyuki Sawashiro is in charge of the voice of the first-string land and fallen princess confronting Sumijiro and others in the play, and Aimer is newly in order of the theme song. It is clear that the opening theme “Reverberation Sanka” and the ending theme “Morning Comes” will be sung.

Also, before the broadcast of “Yukaku Hen,” the TV animation “Kimetsu no Yaiba” infinite train edition will be broadcast from October 10 (Sun). It is an episode that connects “Tanjiro Kamado Ritsushi Hen” and “Yukaku Hen” drawn in the first period of the animation, and the “Infinite Train Hen” illustrated in the movie version is reconstructed as a TV animation. In the first episode, Anjuro Purgatory departs from the demon slaughter corps headquarters and depicts an entirely new episode showing the mission on the way to the infinite train.

And from the second episode to the seventh episode, the mission on the infinite train will be drawn with about 70 cuts of new additional video and newly added BGM, a completely new trailer, a new theme song video, and the theme song so far Lisa will continue to be in charge. Sing “Akeboshi” as the opening theme and “Shirogin” as the ending theme.

In addition to the nationwide Fuji TV series, both Mugen Train and Yukaku are broadcast on all 32 stations, including TOKYO MX, BS11, Gunma TV, Tochigi TV, AT-X, and Animax. Furthermore, after the broadcast, distribution will start on all 27 distribution platforms, and it will be broadcast and distributed in more than 90 countries and regions overseas. There is no doubt that it will show even greater excitement. It seems that I will keep an eye on it in the future.

Miyuki Sawashiro
“I’m Miyuki Sawashiro, who will play the demon in the Yukaku, the land of the first string,” Fallen Princess. ” Please run in parallel with the “Blade” Yukaku edition! “

“TV anime” Kimetsu no Yaiba “infinite train edition. In charge of the opening theme” Akeboshi “and the ending theme” Shirogane. “From” Garage “and” from the edge, ” We asked Yuki Kajiura to entrust us with the new words and sounds that connect “flame” and the blade to protect important things. We hope that you can enjoy TV broadcasting and songs with the thoughts of Mr. Gurenge. “

“I will be in charge of the OP / ED for the TV anime” Kimetsu no Yaiba “Yukaku. I’m Aimer. I’m pleased and honored. I’d be pleased if it could be colored even a little flashy. Thank you for both “Reverberation Sanka” and “Morning Comes.”

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