‘Chainsaw Man,’ ‘SPY x FAMILY,’ ‘Mushle,’ Hiroaka,’ and ‘Dandadan’ are also popular TV animations, one after another

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“This week’s new issue” provides information on new comics. About 280 titles of significant comics will be released from October 3rd to 9th. In addition, “Chainsaw Man” volume 12, which will start TV animation in October, “SPY x FAMILY” volume 10, which is also a hot topic for the second season of TV animation, “My Hero Academia” volume 36, which has started the 6th season of TV animation, Shueisha’s Volume 7 of the popular manga app “Shonen Jump + (Plus)” “Dandadan” and volume 13 of “MASHLE-,” which will be broadcast on TV in 2023, will appear one after another.

On October 3rd, the 8th volume of the anime “Given -given-” will be released.

On October 4th, “Chainsaw Man” Volume 12, “SPY x FAMILY” Volume 10, “Dandadan” Volume 7, “Ramen Akaneko” Volume 1, “Temptation of 2.5 Dimensions” Volume 15, “Princess” Torture “It’s Time” Volume 10, “Aharen-san is Hakarenai” Volume 15, “Romantic Killer” Volumes 2-4, and “Shonen Jump +” works. In addition, “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha) works “My Hero Academia” Volume 36, “Muscle” Volume 13, “Boku to Roboco” Volume 10, and “Akane Banashi” Volume 3 are also on the shelves.

In addition, Takeshi Obata’s “Shoha Shoten! Volume 37, Katsura Hoshino’s “D.Gray-man” volume 28, TV animation “Owari no Seraph” volume 28, etc. will be released.

On October 6th, the new TV anime series “I entered the devil! Iruma-Kun” volume 29, “Yowamushi Pedal” volume 80, Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s popular manga “Kaiji” series spin-off “Kyoto Seikatsu” Record Ichijo” Volume 5, “One-day Outing Record Hanchou” Volume 14, TV animation “Paripi Komei” Volume 11, “Dragon buys a house.” Volume 9, TV animation will be broadcast in 2023, “My Home Hero,” Volume 18, “Mouippon!” Volume 20, Longevity 4-frame set in a hospital “Radical Hospital” Volume 38, TV animation starting in October “My teacher has no tail” Volume 9, etc. appear.

On October 7th, “Tomodachi Game” volume 21, which was made into TV animation and live-action, Yankee manga “WINDBREAKER” volume 9, “Not only cute Shikimori” which was made into a TV animation volume 15, “1 million I am standing on the life of the 15th volume, “To the beasts that were once gods” 14th volume, and the 4th volume of “Cells at Work! White”, a spin-off of the popular manga “Cells at Work!”

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