The anime ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury’ will be broadcast this autumn! Points for making Gunpla that allow you to immerse yourself in the new worldview

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The anime “Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury” will be broadcast this fall. A new Gunpla has already been announced, and the kit for the aircraft that appears in the anime’s prequel “PROLOGUE” has already been released in August. So decorate your room and immerse yourself in the world of work as soon as possible!

Kino Kosaka, a plastic model idol, assembled a kit for the aircraft that appears in “PROLOGUE” of “Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch.” She gave a frank impression of “easy to make.”

She says, “The gate marks left by the parts separated from the runners are not noticeable, and most of the gate marks don’t need to be trimmed. Instead, using model nippers, you can cut the gates cleanly and assemble them without hesitation.”

The two completed bodies seem to have a wide range of motion in their hip joints.

“There is no armor on the waist side, and the legs can be spread out sideways, so you can enjoy various poses while decorating. It doesn’t look weak even without armor.

Expectations will also increase for new kits that will be released.

“Like my favorite MS Dom, I’m particularly interested in the ‘Dylanza,’ which has a form with solid feet (laughs). It seems that there will be other kits with various silhouettes, so please collect them. I think it would be fun to display it.”

Plamo idol Kino Kosaka
Her book “Anyone can start a plastic model that is surprisingly easy to improve! (KADOKAWA), she is working to spread the fun of plastic models.

“Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury”
From October 2022, every Sunday at 5:00 p.m.
Started broadcasting on the MBS/TBS network of 28 stations nationwide

The stage of the work is a world where many companies are expanding into space and building a vast economic zone. Girl Surette Mercury is transferred to the Asticasia College of Technology, operated by the Benellit Group, the largest mobile suit industry.

Gambit changes the form of the display!

“HG 1/144 Gundam Lubris” (1760 yen)

[Anyway, what surprised me was the glittering in-mold parts on the chest. The pattern printed on the film is sandwiched between the molds and then injection-molded. It also comes with a transparent chest part that can be expressed by pasting a sticker on the back so that you can choose either one (Mr. Kosaka)]

The prototype MS, Gundam Lubris, developed by Ox Earth Corporation, is made into a kit. A vast beam blade effect part can be attached to the receiver gun’s weapon parts, allowing you to reproduce the state just like in the play.


The parts of the vast shield that firmly guards against the shoulders to the feet are separated into 7 “bit staves,” just like in the play. If you attach it to a backpack or receiver gun, it will quickly change to a state with improved mobility!

By attaching the “Bionette,” the display’s power is increased!

“HG 1/144 Begilbeu” (1760 yen)

[The flight unit of the backpack looks like “rabbit ears” when viewed from the front, and it looks cute! The flight unit can be spread out like wings, and the spherical “non-kinetic pod” can be launched so that you can enjoy the display (Mr. Kosaka)]

With parts such as the “Bionette” and “Nonkinetic Pod” that can be displayed, various fighting styles from the prequel “PROLOGUE” are revived. “Additionally, the” at the tip of the foot unit can reproduce the folded landing state and the deployed form as a melee weapon. Comes with a display stand and lead wires.


The anti-MS portable weapon “Bionet,” also used in the battle scenes in the play, is included. It consists of a double beam gun unit and a sword unit with an actual sword blade, and you can display it in a brave form by attaching it to both arms.

The artillery form that can be reproduced with BitStave is dynamic!

“HG 1/144 Gundam Aerial” (1430 yen)

Kit of the hero machine appears in the anime’s central part. The shell unit on the chest can be assembled by selecting in-mold parts or double side seal + clear parts, just like “HG 1/144 Gundam Lubris”. With clear molded parts that can reproduce the light emission of the beam weapon. It is scheduled to be released in October.

The three-dimensional shield is separated into 11-bit staves. Each can be attached to the shoulder, arm, waist, or beam rifle, and if you float it in the air, you can display it in the expanded state of Gambit that you might see in the play!

Boarding pilot Sleta Mercury

The main character of this work is a second-year pilot who transferred from Mercury. She has an introverted personality, and her communication skills are relatively poor.

She has a brave appearance with a beam of partisans.

“HG 1/144 Dylanza (Guel special machine)” (1760 yen)

It features a sturdy form. Various parts of the torso are equipped with movable axes, so you can pose boldly as you wish. The beam torch grip and beam rifle can be stored in the shoulder shield that moves flexibly with joint parts—scheduled to be released in October.

A distinctive feature of the Beam Partisan is that the blade of the beam spreads not only in the direction of the tip but also on both sides. As a result, the arm has a wide range of motion, allowing it to be held firmly.

Boarding Pilot Guell Jetak

Three years in the pilot course. One of the three families in the Benellit Group, the scion of Jetark. He is hot-tempered and hot-tempered.

A large ax that fits the solid body is a brute force!

“HG 1/144 Dylanza (general machine/Character A special machine) (provisional)” (1760 yen)

A kit to assemble by selecting either a general machine or a character A particular machine. The former and latter have different head antennas, shoulder armor, and weapons. It is also a point where you can open the rear armor and expand the legs’ range of motion—scheduled to be released in November.

It comes with a giant ax operated by a particular machine for character A (provisional). It can be held with both arms or one arm and posed by swinging down.

The figure holding up the beam weapon is impressive!

“HG 1/144 Darryl Balde” (2090 yen)

Faithfully kit the aircraft wrapped in red armor. By replacing the tip from the elbow of both arms, you can reproduce the appearance of holding a beam saber on the wrist. It also comes with parts that allow you to enjoy the display, such as lead wires and a pedestal—scheduled to be released in December.

A distinctive feature is the Beam Javelin, which deploys beam blades to the blades on both ends. It is a structure that separates at the center and can be equipped on both arms.

The sniper posture with a large rifle is terrifying!

“HG 1/144 Gundam Falact” (2090 yen)

Pushing the tip of the shoulder, armor unfolds the back booster. It quickly transforms into a figure that feels high in mobility. It is full of gimmicks, such as the beam saber grip that can be stored in the deployable arm armor, and is scheduled to be released in December.

Gundam Farakt’s signature weapon is its large rifle, which is long enough to exceed its height. It makes you feel you are good at precision shooting from a long distance.

Boarding pilot Elan Keres
Boarding Pilot Elan Keres

A three-year pilot course run by Gosanke Pail, a member of the Benellit Group. He doesn’t open his heart to Anyone in the school, but he takes an interest in Suretta.

The demi-trainer used throughout the school appears in HG!

“HG 1/144 Demi Trainer” (1320 yen)

“HG 1/144 Demi-Trainer (Character B Exclusive Machine) (Tentative)” (1540 yen)

Three-dimensional demi-trainer famous throughout the school. The neck and waist are equipped with movable gimmicks, allowing you to enjoy various poses. Both come with submachine guns. The character B dedicated machine (provisional) is scheduled to be released in November, and the demi-trainer in December.

“HG 1/144 demi-trainer extension parts set” (880 yen)

A set of 9 types of optional parts that can expand the demi-trainer kit. From large guns to combat knives for close combat, the included weapon parts are genuinely diverse. It is scheduled to be released in December.

“Gundam R Operation 2022” is being held to make eco-friendly Gunpla!

At “GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE- TOKYO BASE-,” which will be held for four days from September 29th to October 2nd, 2022, a full-scale Gundam Aerial head using collected runners will be exhibited. Please check the website for details.

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