TV anime ‘In the Land of Leadale’, additional cast by Azusa Tadokoro & Tomoya Takagi

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From the TV anime “In the Land of Leadale,” which is scheduled to start broadcasting from January 2022, the 4th key visual and additional cast information has been released.

In this visual, Kena, who turns her back and confronts a vast monster, draws two new characters appearing in the middle of the story.

And, the cast information of Keirina and Keirik, the grandchildren of Quena who appear in the middle of the story of the TV anime “In the Land of Leadale” is released. Azusa Tadokoro will play the role of Katrina, and Tomoya Takagi will play the role of Keirick.

Keirina cv. Azusa Tadokoro
Maimai’s daughter and Keirick’s twin sister. Despite being a young elf tribe under 100 years old, he has top-class ability among the Knights of Helspel. I’m very fond of Quena, but I’m terrified to get angry because I’ve heard from Maimai that “even my relatives are mercilessly dusty.”

Keirik cv. Tomoya Takagi
Maimai’s son and Keirina’s twin brother. It is a collection of Sakaiya that are said to be used by adventurers worldwide and is called the god of merchants. With the ability of [Special Skill: Ishin Denshin], you can talk with your sister Keirina without having to meet her. It looks like this, the father of one child.

In addition, the distribution of the WEB radio “On the Land of Leadale” has been decided. Eri Yukimura (role of Quena) will serve as the personality, and it will be re-broadcast on Wednesday, December 29th, and will be distributed every Wednesday from Wednesday, January 5th. The distribution will be done on YouTube’s Kadokawa Anime Channel, and Yui Odagiri, who will play the key role, will appear as a guest in the first distribution.

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