‘Chodenji Machine Voltes V’ live-action remake to be broadcast in the Philippines in 2023

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After more than 45 years, the robot animation broadcasted on TV from 1977 to 1978 has been made into a long-awaited live-action remake TV series in the Philippines, GMA, the largest terrestrial TV station in the Philippines. It has been decided that it will be terrestrially broadcast in 2023 as “VOLTES V LEGACY (original title),” produced by the network. Broadcasting and distribution in Japan and other parts of the world will be announced later.

The director of the live-action remake will be Mark A. Reyes (“Encantadia” (TV drama / 2016-2017), “Moment of Love” (movie / 2006) and many others), who has both skill and experience in live-action films in the Philippines. A famous young Filipino cast, such as Miguel Tanfelix and Ysabel Ortega, and talented actors like Carla Abellana and Dennis Trillo will play the main character.

In this work, an invasion force from Planet Boisan led by Prince Heinel flew to Earth from distant space. The story is about boarding the “Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V,” secretly built. Five mechas are combined to become a single robot and fight against the Boisan Alien.

Parent and child separation, shocking developments surrounding the main character, confrontation with half-brothers, resistance to oppression and revolution, and the story of liberation. It is a unique and ambitious attempt to get into the issue of discrimination through the setting of the enemy, Boisin Star, where “those with horns reign as aristocrats and rule those without horns.” The drama has been highly praised overseas and is still regarded as a masterpiece of the early days of the anime boom.

Its popularity is not limited to Japan; it has crossed the sea and was extremely popular in the Philippines at the time. The entire Filipino people, including children, were enthusiastic about the “Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V.” In the Philippines, there are still many people who can sing Mitsuko Horie’s anime OP theme song “Voltes V no Uta” in Japanese.

Due to its popularity in the Philippines, this live-action remake was realized, and the “Mega Trailer,” released on the GMA Network’s YouTube channel on January 1st, has been viewed 1.3 million times in just three days. Breakthrough playback. A high degree of attention can be seen.

Toei TV Producer, Shinichiro Shirakura (“Boytaro Sentai Don Brothers” and other special effects works) Comments

The Filipinos who have loved “Voltes V” for a long time overcame many challenges and realized this vast project. Thank you. On the other hand, in Japan, “Voltes V” has been wholly forgotten… but that’s not the case. The flow of “Voltes V” was changed to a live-action series from “Battle Fever J” (1979) through the later program “Tosho Daimos” (1978). It is now called the Super Sentai series.

Even if time’s change, the elemental composition–five selected young people confronting overwhelming invaders by using five united robots will not change. The DNA of “Voltes V” has been handed down from generation to generation as one of Japan’s leading special effects hero series and continues to fascinate children worldwide. Unfortunately, although. While it has become more sophisticated with each generation, something important has been lost. “VOLTES V LEGACY” taught me that.

A giant robot that is big, heavy, and strong, just standing. If you have the soul of a “boy,” here is the scorching super robot soul that everyone still yearns for!

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