The new anime movie “Child of Kamiari Month” will be released nationwide on the 8th

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The new anime movie “Child of Kamari Month” set in Izumo will be released on the 8th at about 190 movie theaters nationwide, including Shimane Prefecture. A story about Kanna, the main character girl who lost her mother and couldn’t face her favorite run, heading for Izumo from Tokyo under the guidance of a messenger of God. Everywhere in work, various parts of the prefecture are drawn as beautiful anime drawings appear.

In the prefecture, T. Joy Izumo (Otsuka-Cho, Izumo City) will be screened eight times a day, the highest number in Japan, and Matsue Toho 5 (Higashiasahimachi, Matsue City) will be screened five times.

On the 8th, the cast will give a stage greeting on the first day at Aeon Cinema Itabashi in Itabashi-Ku, Tokyo. Aju Makita, the actress who played Kanna, and Arata Iura, the actor who played Kanna’s father, Norimasa, talk about the thoughts put into the work.

Mr. Tetsuhei Mishima (42) from Matsue City, who was the producer and location director at the time of the release, said, “I can see my family and many friends all over the country. Thank you for welcoming me today without any regrets. I will do it. “

In the movie, Kou Shibasaki plays the role of Kanna’s mother, Yayoi. The rabbit Shiro traveling with Kanna was voiced by famous actor Maaya Sakamoto, and the actor Okuninushi was voiced by veteran actor Akira Kamiya. The theme song “Kanna |” was written by singer/songwriter Miwa.

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