Collaboration with TV anime ‘Uchu Nanchara Kotetsukun’ and ‘Gummy Day’ has been decided.

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The TV anime “Uchu Nanchara Kotetsukun” being broadcast on NHK E-Tele has been decided to collaborate with “Gummy Day” promoted by GUMMIT.

Every year, September 3rd is “Gummy Day” with 9 (gu) 3 (mi) puns. Every year, various projects are being developed centered on the Gummy Summit, which consists of domestic companies that handle gummy candies and the Japan Gummy Association.

The main character of “Uchu Nanchara Kotetsukun,” Kotetsukun, likes gummy candies. It is said that this collaboration was decided because of such an opportunity. Information on various affiliations such as short voice dramas and Twitter campaigns based on gummy candies will be released on the official website of “Gummy Day.”

On the day of Gummy, a unique YouTube program featuring Natsumi Fujiwara (role of Kotetsu), Akane Yamaguchi (part of Otama), and Kappei Yamaguchi (role of Grandpa) will also be distributed.

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