Transcendence quality that earns several views by appointing gorgeous voice actors for the company’s ‘animation video.’

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While the existing media is moving away from it, companies are achieving results such as earning many views by distributing original animation videos.

For example, Kyocera is a major electronic component company. Speaking of Kyocera, the existence of Kazuo Inamori (deceased), the founder and a charismatic manager representing Japan, immediately comes to mind.

However, surprisingly few people know the details of the business and products. Despite being an excellent company with annual sales of 1,838.9 billion yen and an operating profit of 148.9 billion yen (fiscal year ending March 2022), the fact that it has not appeared in the top rankings of job popularity is a reason why it is not well known among students maybe because it’s lacking.

Kyocera has been sending out original animation videos since last year. The first installment released in January last year was “I’m not good at the question ‘Please describe yourself in one word.'” (“#Anahito” / Director, Koichi Chiaki / Production: Bandai Namco Film Works), the second release in January this year is “My hashtag is not good. ] (“No # tag” / identical).

A popular band wrote the theme song.

“No Tag.” is a work that depicts the story of realizing the importance of the thought “for someone.”

The voice actors are Saori Hayami, who plays Yol Forger in the popular anime “SPY x FAMILY,” and Yuki Kaji, who won the Best Actor Award for the second year in a row, who plays the role of a senior. SHISHAMO, a popular band for the Z generation, writes the theme song.

In addition to airing TV commercials, all works are sent from the original anime’s unique site. The number of views on YouTube is 5.96 million times for “#Anahito” and 4.42 million times for “#Without tags” (as of March).

Regarding the aim of distributing animation videos, a person in charge of Kyocera said, “One of our company’s brand challenges is that the recognition of Kyocera among young people is at the same level as the company name. While breaking down the slightly rigid image of the manufacturing industry, To get people to know about our company, we used animation with unexpectedness. The purpose of implementation is to improve the favorability of the younger generation.”

The work was created with well-known voice actors targeting the Z generation, which has a high affinity with anime, but the problem is how to spread the existence of the work. Therefore, in addition to late-night television commercials that can be expected to be viewed by young people, we will also focus on posting on SNS such as Twitter and Instagram. A Twitter campaign was also conducted in collaboration with voice actors. The result has led to many views on YouTube.

When I checked the reaction on YouTube for the “hashtag.”

< Kyocera’s earnestness>

And other favorable comments. Concrete results can be seen, such as the job popularity ranking is on the rise.

Collaboration with a popular YouTube channel

Let’s take a look at another company that distributes unique animation videos. Nissin Yakisoba UFO CM “Sorodani UFO Tabeyaro Hen” by Nissin Foods Holdings, which is familiar with cup noodles.

Nissin Foods distributes animation videos not only for “UFO” but also for “Nissin Donbei” and “Cup Noodle” on TV commercials and websites. It is said that planning intentions and appealing targets differ depending on the product. “Tabetayaro Hen,” which started broadcasting on March 8, has been attracting attention for its collaboration with the popular YouTube channel “Soroya no Animecchi.”

“To promote the rich and delicious taste of Nissin Yakisoba UFO, we collaborated with the popular YouTube channel “Soroya no Animecchi,” whose unique short animations have gained enthusiastic support from the younger generation. While maintaining the world view of ‘Soroya no Animetchi,’ where the characters engage in rhythmic interactions and strike punch points in surreal exchanges, the product’s appeal is ‘ultra-rich.'” (Public Relations manager)

The appeal target is the Z generation. In this work, it is said that the 15-second commercial was produced as a “time-saving version” with an outstanding Taipa, which is almost double the speed of the 30-second commercial, for the Z generation, where watching videos at double rate is commonplace.

“In an article on net news, we discovered that a TV commercial that emphasized Taipa was aired. I was able to see the animation of “Soroko Tanigawa,” which is usually only seen on the internet, on terrestrial TV. We have also received positive reactions to it.” (public relations representative)

Corporate information dissemination using animation videos is not limited to TV comm.

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