PV was released for the new Nademonogatari anime series! ‘Koumonogatari’ and ‘Ninjamonogatari’ were also announced for distribution.

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A new PV for “Nademonogatari” from the anime ” Monogatari Series Off & Monster Season” has been released. In addition to “Owarimonogatari” and “Nademonogatari,” it has been decided that “Karumonogatari” and “Ninjamonogatari” will also be distributed.

“Monogatari Series Off & Monster Season” is the latest in the series of anime adaptations by Shaft of the famous novel by Nisio Isin. It will be released in 2024 and available for unlimited viewing on ABEMA every Saturday from 10 pm starting July 6th (Saturday).

The new PV for “Nademonogatari,” released this time, features new footage from the main story and a portion of the opening theme, “caramel ribbon custard,” sung by Nadeko Sengoku (CV: Kana Hanazawa) and Yotsugi Ononoki (CV: Saori Hayami ).

“Monogatari Series Off & Monster Season” New PV for Nademonogatari

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