Combatants Will Be Dispatched was written first, but Konosuba was published first

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Natsume Akatsuki, the writer of Combatants Will Be Dispatched and Konosuba; and Tappei Nagatsuki, the writer of Re:Zero and essayist for Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song are dear companions. The story that was passed on about them even as of recently is this: One day, both of them were inside a bar.

They were both discussing Isekai thoughts they enjoyed. A portion of the thoughts incorporated a character wearing a bathing suit who is unequipped for busy, and a story wherein awful things happen to the fundamental character rather than things heading out in a different direction. From this discussion, the comedic Konosuba and the sad Re:Zero were born.

Since both of them are old buddies, Nagatsuki knew a portion of Akatsuki’s insider facts. One of those privileged insights was that the light novel Combatants Will Be Dispatched was really composed before KonoSuba.

Natsume Akatsuki confirmed on his Twitter account that Combatants Will Be Dispatched was composed first before Konosuba. In this tweet, it says that he kept the Combatants tale stowed away from Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko. Nonetheless, Nagatsuki Tappei told the engraving that he had another novel.

Through different conditions, we can say that it was on account of Tappei that the light novel gets distributed, and we will watch the anime adaptation today.

What is ‘Combatants Will Be Dispatched?

Kadokawa published Akatsuki’s light novel in November 2017. The book right now has 6 volumes is as yet ongoing.

Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive is distributing the manga transformation since March 2018. Later on, it’s adjusted into an anime arrangement that debuted this Spring 2021 and at present has 8 scenes. You can watch it on Crunchyroll and Muse Asia!


With global control almost in their grip, the Supreme Leaders of the Kisaragi Corporation—an underground criminal gathering turned evil megacorp—have chosen to take a shot at interstellar triumph. A speedy dice roll names their central usable, Combat Agent Six, to be the one to investigate an outsider planet… and the principal thing he does when he arrives is change the sacrosanct chant for a heavenly custom to the most humiliating thing he can consider.

Yet, underhanded deeds are the same old thing for Kisaragi agents, so if Six needs an advancement and a raise, he’ll need to work a lot harder than that! First of all, he’ll need to take care of the other gathering of scoundrels in the world, who are considering themselves the “Demon Lord’s Army” or whatever. All things considered, this world needn’t bother with two detestable associations!

Other Fun Facts

Kadokawa likewise released the “Re:Zero Hajimeru KonoSuba Seikatsu” coordinated effort book in December 2016. It was a joint effort of the two high-positioning anime of that year. Ultimately, in the event that you missed it, a Konosuba and Re:Zero Crossover short story exists. There, Tappei recounts the account of Emilia in the setting of Konosuba, while Akatsuki composes the story where Rem is the one set on experiences.

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