The number of views of the anime ‘How Heavy Are the Dumbbells?’ And the OP ‘Please Muscle’ MV has exceeded 200 million times! Fairouz Ai ‘I’m feeling happy squat !!’

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The Muscle Video (MV)  of the OP song ” Please Muscle ” of the TV anime “How Heavy Are the Dumbbells?” Has exceeded 200 million views on YouTube. An illustration is drawn to commemorate this, and a congratulatory comment from Ai Filez, who starred in the TV anime, was announced. It’s finished.

“How many kilograms of dumbbells can you have?” Broadcasted from July to September 2019 is being serialized in the comic app “Manga One” (Shogakukan). Based on the cartoon of the same name. This work depicts the days when the main character, Hibiki Sakura, goes to the gym for a diet, and the content full of knowledge about training attracted a lot of attention.

The MV for the OP song “Please Muscle” will be released on the official YouTube channel “KADOKAWA anime” in July 2019. Reika Saiki, a muscular idol, and Naotaka Yokokawa, a professional bodybuilder August 2020, the number of views of the MV in which Mr. Ms. appeared exceeded 100 million times, and congratulatory messages were sent from Mr. Filez and other related parties. After Japan, Vietnam was the country with the most access to the MV.

After achieving 200 million times, a commemorative illustration was drawn by MAAM, who is in charge of drawing the original, and Ai Kikuchi, who worked on the character design of the animation, has been released. From Mr. Filez, “I’m pleased to hear from many people, Squat !!” “Training with Hibiki and Machio Shoulder Press !!” A message of gratitude and encouragement has been sent to us. Hibiki Sakura: Comment from Fairouz Ai Congratulations on the number of MV views of “Please Muscle” surpassing 200 million times! And thank you to all the trainees who watched the video.

I sang the first song since I made my debut as a voice actor, so I’m delighted to hear so many people. Squat !! I will continue to listen to this song with Hibiki and Machine. Training together Ganbarima Shoulder Press !! (C) 2019 Sandrovich Yabako, MAAM Shogakukan / Silverman Gym

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