The latest movie “Shimajiro” was released in March 2010. Guest voice actors include Shoko Nakagawa, Junichi Suwabe, and Hiro Shimono.

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The latest work of the movie Shimajiro series “Shimajiro to Kirakira Okoku no Oujisama” will be released on March 11, 2022, and guest voice actors Yuna Mimura, Shoko Nakagawa, Junichi Suwabe, and Hiro Shimono will be announced. Rice field. A preview video and poster visuals have also been released.

The 9th movie in the series, “Movie Shimajiro Shimajiro and her glittering girlfriend’s uncle,” is a glittering scene in which the main character Shimajiro (CV: Omi Minami) and his friends have lost their precious glitter and are in danger. To save the kingdom, he and Prince Pearl of the country will go on a big adventure to find “three keys.” Like the previous series, this is a participatory movie for young children that includes scenes where children can dance while sitting in their seats and enjoy pointing and clapping their hands.

As a guest voice actor, Mimura is in charge of the role of Prince Pearl, who has escaped from the glittering kingdom without self-confidence. Nakagawa plays Queen Emeralda, the mother of Pearl, who is busy working for the kingdom and challenges her role as her first mother. Suwabe and Shimono will play the roles of Colon and Maron, who is also in charge of education with Pearl.

Nakagawa also sings the theme song of the same work written and composed by Hyadain, “Your manma is good for her.” The CD will be released on March 9 in two forms, a limited edition (4980 yen) and a regular edition (1300 yen), a set of Blu-ray and goods.

In the preview video of about 60 seconds, while “Your manma is her good” is played, Shimajiro and others are on an adventure. The guest characters whose cast has been revealed recently are also voiced. To appear. The poster shows Shimajiro and the pearls jumping out of the glittering kingdom.

The guest voice actors and the full comments from Hyadain are as follows.

I have a birthday together with Shimajiro ♪ This is fate! Because I used to do “Children’s Challenge” a long time ago, it seems like a dream to help deliver beautiful memories to children with Shimajiro’s movies.

This time the role of the queen of the glittering kingdom. She played her first mother role with all her heart to convey the maternal love behind the rigors. Please look forward to the form change on the way.

“Being confident in yourself” is very important not only for children but also for adults.

I’m so grateful that people said, “It’s okay to that extent,” and I fell in love with it the moment I first heard the melody and lyrics. A magical song that enhances self-affirmation! It is an important song that is packed with what I need now.

Children grow up without knowing it, and even if they know it, parents are the ones who treat them like children. I put the feelings of my mom and dad warmly watching over my growing child into the song!

I’m honored to be involved in the movie “Shimajiro” that I watched on video when I was a kid!

Pearl, who I played this time, is a kind-hearted prince who is not confident in himself. How will such a pearl change in an adventure with Shimajiro and others? Please support the growth of pearls by all means!

The Colon that I played this time is the one that is quite cool for Pearl’s companion duo. There was also a scene where I interacted with Shimajiro-san, and I was very excited! Ah, Shimajiro-san, who children have loved for many years, has a more extended art history than himself, so he has a “san” (laughs).

This work is also an incredible story that parents and children can enjoy together, so thank you for your cooperation.

I played Maron, who works hard with another servant, ColonColon, for the Queen and Prince Pearl !! Both of them are so absorbed in one thing that they fail. Please enjoy watching over these two people!
I hope many people will see this work, which has songs, laughter, and excitement!

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