Commentary on all 4 ‘Toy Story’ series Spoiler synopsis, Japanese dubbed voice actor, box office revenue ranking

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They were introduced to recommended movies according to the weekly theme [ Cinema Style]. Pixar’s CG animation “Toy Story” series new movie “Buzz Lightyear,” which depicted the adventures of toys and recorded a worldwide hit, will be released on July 1st.

To commemorate the release, Nippon Television’s “Friday Road Show” featured the third series, “Toy Story 3” (June 17th), and the fourth series, “Toy Story 4” (June 24th). Main story uncut broadcast. So this week, the editorial department will introduce the series’ spoiler synopsis, main characters, Japanese dubbed voice actors, the latest information on “Buzz Lightyear,” box office revenue rankings, etc., all at once.

There are some spoilers in this article. If you haven’t seen it yet, please be careful.

“Toy Story” series synopsis, recommended points.

1 “Toy Story” (1995/81 minutes / Director John Lasseter)

This work is directed by John Lasseter, who will make his feature-length debut based on his short film “Tin Toy.” Lasseter won the 68th Special Achievement Academy Award for his achievements in creating the first full-length CG animation in history as a feature film released in theaters.

The cowboy doll Woody is the owner’s boy Andy’s number one favorite and a leader in his fellow toys. However, one day, a state-of-the-art toy, Buzz Lightyear, arrives as a birthday present, and Woody is robbed of his favorite position. Buzz thought he was a real space ranger and didn’t realize he was a toy.

One day when the Andy family was about to move, Woody was jealous and planned to drop Buzz under his bed. However, a happening occurs, and the buzz is thrown out of the window. Woody and Buzz, who have left Andy after the turmoil, are picked up by Sid, a boy who lives next door and modifies toys. When he sees a TV commercial, Buzz finds himself a toy, but Woody encourages him to cooperate with Sid’s toys and escape from Sid’s house. Woody and Buzz are chasing the Andy family’s moving truck with other toys. Sid flew in the sky with rocket fireworks on Buzz’s back, and the two returned safely to Andy.

“What if the toys were moving while I was sleeping …?” The “Toy Story” series is a perfect worldview of the dream situations that everyone has dreamed of. Adults should be fascinated by the glorious reality, such as Woody giving orders, holding regular staff meetings, and taking good care of charging. I am thrilled to see the great adventure in which the toys make the best use of their unique skills and show the right person in the right place. If you look at this work, you will want to cherish the toys you are playing with (playing) even more, from children to adults.

2 “Toy Story 2” (1999/92 minutes / Director John Lasseter)

The first film was a worldwide hit, and Lasseter directed the second film in the series.

Woody, buzz, and toys have a good time in Andy’s room. However, one day, Woody, who went to help Wheezy, a penguin doll for sale at the bazaar, was stolen by a passing toy store, Al. Buzz and his companions plan to rescue Woody and head to Al’s toy store. Meanwhile, Woody, brought to Al’s mansion, meets Jesse, Prospector, and Bullseye, who are the characters of the TV show and are “Roundup friends,” and finds out that he is a premier doll.

Al was trying to make a fortune by selling Woody and Jessie together to a Japanese museum. Woody tries to go home, but without him, Jesse and his colleagues are destined to return to the dark warehouse, and Jesse once had a painful past abandoned by his owner. After being persuaded by the Prospector, Woody decides to stay, “I can’t stop my child’s growth. Let’s go to the museum together.”

Buzz and her companions appeared there to help. Woody is at a loss but invites Jesse and his friends to go to Andy’s house. However, when Prospector interfered, Woody was put in his luggage and headed for the airport with Al. Woody and his friends win after confronting the Prospector on the conveyor belt at the airport. However, Jesse is left behind in the luggage and gets into the air cargo. While Woody and Jessie headed for help, the plane was about to take off, and Buzz on the Bullseye rescued them. All of us safely return to Andy’s house.

In the second work, the past and trauma of toys are drawn, and a deeper story develops. “Children’s growth cannot be stopped” “What is the happiness of toys?”-Several “questions” throughout the series are studded.

And this work is full of scenes to see before the latest work, “Buzz Lightyear,” which depicts the roots of Buzz! The story begins with a thrilling game screen where Buzz and his nemesis Zerg fight. In addition, at Al’s toy store, where Buzz and his friends come to look for Woody, many boxed Buzz toys and Zerg toys will also be available. In the end, the relationship between Buzz and Zerg will be revealed, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it will be drawn in the new work.

3 “Toy Story 3” (2010/103 minutes / Director Lee Unkrich)

The third work was produced as a 3D animation work for the first time, and at the 83rd Academy Awards, it was nominated for five categories, including the work award. He won the feature animation award, and the theme song award for “We Belong Together” (Japanese title “We Belong Together”).

Woody and Buzz were still at Andy’s house. However, at 17, Andy decided to go on to college, and the toys were sorted out. Woody will be stored in the university, and the buzzes will be held in the attic, but they will be donated to a nearby nursery center due to trouble. The toys were traumatized because they thought Andy abandoned them, but Woody believed in Andy alone and tried to escape from the nursery school.

The song “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” (Japanese title “Kimi a Friend”) has colored the series since the first work. In this work, Andy, who grows up, and the song that always flows with the scene of Woody’s memories next to me still resonates as a masterpiece, but I feel lonely in the sound that fades out with Andy growing steadily. I will.

A toy that makes playing with children worthwhile. However, with time, children grow up to be adults, and it is destined to let go of toys. Even Andy and Woody, who were always together like that. Is it just happy to be in the attic or to meet new children in the memories of that person I love? Originally written at the end of the trilogy, the script is a masterpiece that depicts the growth of toys that would otherwise not grow and the friendships and bonds between children and toys.

4 ‘Toy Story 4’ (2019/100 minutes / Director Josh Cooley)

Josh Cooley, the storyboard artist for numerous Pixar films and participated in the script for “Inside Out,” was the first feature-length director. At the 92nd Academy Awards, we have won the Feature Animation Award following the previous work “Toy Story 3”.

Woody and Buzz spend their days playing with their new owner, Bonnie. However, Woody, who was at the center of the play, spent his days in the closet. Bonnie made a toy “Fokey” from spork and molding by the work done in kindergarten. Nowadays, folky has become my favorite toy.

However, he thinks he is trash and jumps into the trash can. Woody manages to stop the folky, but while traveling, the folky jumps out of the car. Woody, who himself jumped out of the car to work to bring Fokey back, discovers the lamp of his former companion Bo-Peep at an antique shop along the way. On the other hand, Buzz and others worried about Woody and Forky, who do not come back quickly, set out to search for them.

In the previous work, “Toys are happy to play with children and make their owners smile, and their thoughts are connected,” but in this work, even toys have different happiness. Is drawn.

I think I’m trash, but Fokey has become the best toy for Bonnie. Woody wants to make Bonnie happy, even if she’s not the center. Bo-Peep jumped out because he didn’t like his life just wearing dust. Gabby wants to be a unique child. Although they are the same “toys,” they tell us that their wishes are different and that there is more than one form of happiness.

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