‘Let’s Make a Mug Cup’ will be broadcast in October of the 2nd term Director ‘Make something more interesting while keeping the atmosphere.’

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The production of “Yakunara Mug Cup Mo No. 2 Kiln”, which is the second phase of the TV animation & live-action “Yaku Nara Mug Cup Mo” (CBC TV, TOKYO MX, BS11, etc.) currently being broadcast, has been decided and will start posting from October Will be done. Comments from the primary staff have arrived.

Let’s Make a Mug Cup” Comics Shokage The original is a free comic of the same name that has been published since 2012 as part of a project by volunteers and companies in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture; to “make the city healthy.” A youth story in which four high school girls are absorbed in the charm of ceramic art under the theme of the traditional craft “Mino ware.” Currently, up to 33 volumes have been published. The first half of the 30-minute program started in April, which continues to be serialized with the support of the locals and the extra 4-frame manga “Naoko no Kobachi.” The 15 minutes will be broadcast in two parts, the normal animation part, and the last 15 minutes will be the live-action part. In the live-action part “Let’s Make a Mug Cup-Yakumono After School-,” Minami Tanaka, Yu Serizawa, Yuki Wakai, and Rina Honnizumi, who is in charge of the voices of the four main characters, jumped out of the animation and introduced and experienced Tajimi City on the stage. Ing.

The title will be “Yaku Nara Mug Cup also No. 2 Kiln” in the second term, and both the animation and live-action parts will be powered up. After the Mino ware contest, the main character, Himeno Toyokawa, has become entirely fond of ceramic art and is enthusiastic about making “more wonderful things.”He decided to make his corner on the store’s shelves where his mother’s work was displayed. The story behind the birth of “that work” made by classmate Mika Kuri, the bond with her best friend Naoko Naruse, and the secret wishes of Toko Aoki will be drawn with the addition of new characters. The ban was lifted on the second visual, illustrated with a soft touch. Himeno, who smiles with a mug with “2nd term” drawn in the center, has been abolished, and many storyboards and line shots of the 2nd term are studded in the background. Jun Kamiya, who will continue to be the director from the first period, shows enthusiasm, “We are struggling to deliver more interesting things while keeping the atmosphere of the first period. Please look forward to the start of the broadcast!”.

The original staff team commented, “I’m full of hope that the episode will get deeper. There are also developments unique to anime, and the original production team is looking forward to the completion!” ing. The TV anime & live-action “Yakunara Mug Cup Mo Niban Kiln” will be broadcast on CBC TV, TOKYO MX, MBS, BS11, and AT-X from October.

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