Four popular ‘Pokemon trainers’! What is your favorite trainer?

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Game Boy software “Pokemon Red and Green” was born in 1996. Immediately after its release, it was a big hit, mainly for elementary school students, and after that, it was developed in various media such as animation and card games. It is now loved as one of the contents that Japan is proud of worldwide.

The “Pokemon” series highlights the Pokemon who sometimes look cute and occasionally cool. However, the “Pokemon Trainer” who lives with such Pokemon is also an essential part of the series’ popularity. In 2019, the app “Pokemon Masters” (currently “Pokemon Masters EX”) that spotlighted such trainers was released and was gaining popularity.

Trainer commentary
Among such Pokemon trainers, the most popular one is “Sword Shield,” which reigns as the champion of the Galar region with overwhelming strength. In addition, “Red,” a trainer in the Kanto region, also showed an order of magnitude strength with “Gold / Silver” (Heart Gold / Soul Silver), which bothered the players.

“Kasumi,” which appears in “Red / Green,” also had a strong presence as an anime heroine and a gym leader. Knuckle City’s gym leader “Kibana,” who appeared in “Sword Shield” and has a neat look and a rivalry with Dande, is also one of the popular trainers.

Who do you like the most of the various Pokemon trainers that have appeared?

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