Consider the stage of the anime ‘Spy x Family!’ What is the age, country, and model of the characters that appear?

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The anime ” SPY x FAMILY ” is a spy action + home comedy work in which the main character of the spy and his family play an active role. You can read the latest story of the original manga (written by Tatsuya Endo) serialized in the app “Shonen Jump +” for free.

“Spy x Family” is a fiction work, but in position, a Western-style cityscape is drawn, and there seems to be an area that is a model. In addition, although there are depictions of characters appearing in manga using CRT TVs and black telephones since modern devices such as smartphones are not drawn, the motif was from an era several decades ago. It is thought that there is. When is the region or age model for the “Spy x Family “?

This article summarises the stage and model of “Spy x Family”, the country and age, and the models of the characters that appeared.

What country is the stage of the anime “Spy x Family”? Does it exist?

“Spy x Family” is set in two countries, the Cold War East (Ostania) and West (Westeros). The story begins when Lloyd, the protagonist of a brilliant spy, is tasked with a top-secret mission to discover the trends of dangerous people who threaten peace. A western spy, Lloyd has decided to create and live a family in the east for her mission. The official name of the eastern country is “East People’s Republic”, and in the third episode of the original manga volume 1, it turns out that the east apartment where Lloyd lives is at “128 Berlin Park Street, the capital of the East People’s Republic”.

The East People’s Republic and the capital, Berlin, do not exist, and the original author, Tatsuya Endo, commented that it was a “fictional country story.”

Is there a country or city that became a model for the anime “Spy x Family”?

The eastern and western countries that are the setting of “Spy x Family” are fictitious countries that do not exist. However, there are cases where manga and anime works are modelled on existing towns and buildings. Visiting the place that became the model of the work is called “sacred place pilgrimage”, and there are some areas where the city is revitalized as a tourist spot. The streets and buildings depicted in “Spy x Family” have a European atmosphere, but are there any areas that have become models?

It is said in the synopsis of the “Spy Family” that the East and West are in the Cold War. The words “Cold War,” “East,” and “West” are reminiscent of Germany during the Cold War. The currencies used in the production of “Spy X Family” are “DARC” and “Pent”. Before the introduction of the euro, the currencies “Mark” and “Pfennig” were used in Germany, and the names are similar to the coins “Dark” and “Pent” ​​in the “Spy Family”. In the 36th episode of the 6th volume of the original manga, there was a description that 300 dalk is “* about 100,000 yen”.

In the sixth episode of the second volume of the original manga, an old castle called “Newton Castle in the Münk region” appears. Newton Castle is, of course, a fictitious castle, but it is very similar to the actual “Hohenzollern Castle”, “Eltz Castle”, and “Neuschwanstein Castle” in Germany. These three castles are called “Germany’s Three Greatest Castles” because of their beauty.

From the above, the cityscape and culture that appear in “Spy x Family” may be based in Germany.

When was the motif of the anime “Spy x Family”? What is your age?

Modern devices such as smartphones are not drawn in the work of “Spy x Family”. What era is “Spy x Family” supposed to be? The answer was found in the author’s comment on the back cover and cover wrapping of the 6th volume of the comic released on December 28, 2020. Mr Endo commented on the era setting of “Spy x Family”, “I’m drawing the world of this manga assuming the era of the 1960s and 70s.”

In February 2021, a unique dialogue was released between Mr Endo and Mr Shihei Rin, the editor in charge. He talked about “I will investigate when cardboard has been used” and “Although the age is not set strictly in work, it is an out-of-the-world view that mobile phones come out.” I am. It seems that age is not specified in the work of “Spy x Family”, but there are times when we check whether the things appearing in work exist in that era.

Which country’s language is used in the anime “Spy x Family”?

English is used for the signboards and posters of the stores that appear during “Spy x Family” production. The characters written on the omelette rice that appeared in the 9th episode of the 2nd volume of the original manga were also reported in English as “SORRY”. Therefore, it seems that English is the person’s first language at work.

On the other hand, in the 26th episode of the 5th volume of the original manga, “HOSHU” is written in Japanese on the school’s blackboard, and the title of the book that the main character Anya is studying is “BIOLOGY OF YOIKO”. Some have a mixture of English and Japanese. There is a possibility that English and Japanese are mixed as the language used by the characters appearing in “Spy x Family”, but this is the so-called “play” part, and Japanese (Roman alphabet notation) is used. It is the atmosphere that I put in.

What is the model of the anime “Spy x Family” Anya? Is there a rule in character names?

The buildings and streets have depictions reminiscent of Germany, but the characters’ names are not German-like. After investigating, the names of the characters “Anya” and “Yuri” appearing in “Spy x Family” seem to be the names often used in Russia. Do the characters appearing in “Spy x Family” have the origin of the person or name that became the model?

Mr Endo once answered about the model of Anya, a popular character in “Spy x Family”. It is the Lupo manga “Recommended!” Serialized by Takeshi Sakurai in “Shonen Jump +”. Jump Heppoko Expedition! In episode 35, Mr Endo’s workplace was introduced. Mr Endo also appeared in the manga and answered some questions.

When asked if Anya had a model, Mr Endo replied with a question, “Are you a child in that area?” And Shohei Rin, the editor in charge of “Spy x Family”, said, “Because there is no clear model, it may be possible to draw cutely.”

What is the origin of the names of the characters that appear? Is it related to the time of day?

Lupo manga “Recommended! Jump Heppoko Expedition! 』, I also ask Mr Endo about the meaning of the name of the Forger family. Lloyd’s spy name “Twilight” is associated with dusk, Yoru at night, and Anya in the morning, so when asked, “Is there a dawn for peace?” Endo said, “It happens. It’s often said, but it’s a coincidence. “

Regarding the origin of the character’s name, Mr Endo answered at the “SPY x FAMILY stage” of “Jump Festa 2021”, held on December 20, 2020.

The origin of the name of Anya is “Asha” by combining the name of Ashe, which appears in the past one-shot work “Purgatory Ashe”, and the name of Misha, which also appears in the one-shot “Stone and Light Red, Iron and Star”. However, he thought that “Nya” was cuter than “Sha” and chose “Anya”.

And it seems that the origin of Lloyd’s name was searched on the net for “British name”. Lastly, the basis of the name of Yoru is that it was initially named Yolanda, but when I tried to shorten it like a nickname, it became Yoru.

Summary of consideration of the country that became the stage and model of the anime “Spy x Family”

The anime “Spy x Family” is set in two fictional countries, the Cold War East (Ostania) and West (Westeros). The name of the currency used is similar to the German money before the introduction of the euro, and the castle appearing in the work is identical to the actual court in Germany, so that it may be modelled on Germany. There seems to be. However, since the author, Mr Endo, searched for a “British personal name” when naming Lloyd, other European countries such as the United Kingdom may also be models.

According to Mr Endo, “Spy x Family” is drawn assuming the era of the 1960s and 1970s. In addition, there is no transparent model for the character Anya, and Mr Endo replied, “Is it a child in that area?”

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