Gundam New game ‘SD Gundam Battle Alliance’ was released in 2022. Leading the distorted ‘Gundam’ story to ‘Masashi.’

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It has been revealed that the new game “SD Gundam Battle Alliance” (Bandai Namco Entertainment) from the popular anime “Gundam” series will be released in 2022. An action RPG for Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and Steam that lets players lead the story of a “Gundam” work that has been distorted by a phenomenon called “break” to “Masashi”. Become.

As a platoon leader who leads a joint front (battle alliance) of 3 aircraft and one platoon, challenge missions with various mobile suits and pilots, it is said that you can relive the famous scene.

You can enjoy the game with up to 3 people cooperating with other players.

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