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The prefecture’s digital teaching material “Let’s learn SDGs at OUR (Awa) Ethical Town”, produced with the cooperation of Shikoku University, is used in junior high school and high school classes. As for teaching materials, you can learn “ethical consumption” in which consumers choose products that are friendly to the environment and society, and “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” of the United Nations through quizzes and animations. Last year, it was selected for the Excellence Award in the “Consumer Education Teaching Materials Award 2021” (administrative category) of the National Institute on Consumer Education. (Koichiro Hirai

Among the teaching materials, the anime that learns “ethical consumption” is a story in which a servant of an indigo merchant tries to convey her feelings by giving a present to a woman who fell in love at first sight. At first, she refused to provide an expensive item, learned that she was careful about food loss and that purchasing local products would lead to ethical consumption, and finally succeeded in receiving the gift. The viewers of the anime can also learn with the servants.

In videos other than animation, interviews with experts and examples of companies and schools working to achieve the SDGs are introduced.

Also, in the “shopping experience”, you can know the effects on the environment and the region, such as “reducing the use of plastic” and “leading to the reduction of transportation energy” by purchasing products from supermarkets and shopping districts.

Last year’s award received 51 entries from local governments, companies, industry groups, etc., and 22 from Tokushima Prefecture, etc., received the Excellence Award. There are also inquiries from outside the prefecture regarding Tokushima’s teaching materials.

The teaching materials can be used from the homepage. A person in charge of the Prefectural Consumer Policy Division said, “We have finished the content so that it can be used not only for children but also for corporate training. I hope you will make use of it.”

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