‘Crayon Shin-chan’s Anime 30th Anniversary Finally. Free Missed Delivery Lifted

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The national animation “Crayon Shin-chan” has entered its 30th year since its broadcast in 1992. Broadcasting of “Saturday evening” has become established on TV Asahi, and Shinnosuke’s excitement is getting more and more powerful. Such “crayon Shin-chan” “catch-up (missing) delivery” has been lifted for the first time in a long history. Free overlooked distribution has started today (2nd) on each platform of “Tver,” “ABEMA,” “TV Asahi Video,” and “GYAO!”. After that, the latest episode will be delivered immediately after the end of terrestrial broadcasting.

Billed soul The latest episode that was broadcast today-Nene-chan’s opponent is challenging, as Shin-no-suke and his friends are forced to go out with “Real Omagoto.” “Zo,” I was sent to a crowded bank with Misae, but I couldn’t be quiet … “Be quiet at the bank” where the turbulence occurs, and “Shingamo” and others on the roof of Sato Cocono Cado. You can also see the three “Karugamo’s Moving Dazo,” which depict the slapstick of moving to the “Karugamo” kindergarten.

Furthermore, in “Tver,” it is called “Missed delivery commemoration! Masterpiece selection”, and in addition to the latest episode, “Pants story zo” “Miso butter corn ramen wants to eat” “Buriburizaemon adventure” Eight works of “Beauty, the Beast, and Ora Dazo Part 1 / Part 2”, “Dating for the first time in a long time,” “Footon has come! Dazo Part 1 / Part 2”, and “Online Fitness Dazo” for two weeks only. During delivery.

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