New PV release of movie ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Orange Piccolo, Son Gohan Beast, Celmax appeared

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A promotional video was released after the theatrical animation ” Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, “which exceeded the box office revenue of 1.2 billion yen.

” Dragon Ball Super Super Hero ” is the latest movie version of the script and character design by Akira Toriyama, the original author of the ” Dragon Ball ” series. Androids Gamma No. 1 (CV: Hiroshi Kamiya ) and No. 2 ( Mamoru Miyano ), created by the evil organization New Red Ribbon Army, call themselves “superheroes” and lead peaceful days Gohan ( Masako Nozawa ) ) And others.

In PV, Piccolo ( Toshio Furukawa ) powers to “Orange Piccolo” that exceeds the potential release. In addition, he becomes huge and fights fiercely with the worst existence, “Selmax,” created by the Red Ribbon Army. Also, in the pinch of Piccolo, Gohan expresses the sleeping power and awakens it as “Son Gohan Beast.”

Mr. Toriyama also released a comment that reveals the intimate story of the production about the new form and new character. Regarding Son Gohan Beast, “We have evolved uniquely to Gohan based on the image of awakening as a boy. The transformation name was changed to” Son Gohan Beast “from the feeling that the beast in him awoke. For Orange Piccolo, “I’m pleased that I finally got the fighting power comparable to Goku and others.” For Cellmax, “Once completed, it seems that even Broly can’t win.” I was supposed to be superhuman, but I was forced to start it and became an uncontrollable monster. “

In addition, two designs for the second visitor gift, “Visual Clear Board drawn by Akira Toriyama,” distributed on June 25, have also been released. It is a reproduction of the influential figure of Orange Piccolo and the famous scene of the main story where Celmax and Gamma No. 2 collide.

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