Crayon Shin-chan’s giant tankobu, ‘Doraemon’, Nobita’s fountain tears. If you think about manga-like expressions scientifically?

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Hello, this is Rikao Yanagita from the Institute of Science and Technology. I enjoy thinking about manga, anime, special effects programs, etc., from the perspective of science fiction. By the way, this research report is.

When I watch a heartwarming animation, I sometimes encounter a scary expression.

For example, the cob on the head of Shinnosuke in “Crayon Shin-chan” is giant.

In “Doraemon,” Nobita cries and sheds tears like a fountain.

Both are expressions that I haven’t seen, but I can understand the situation.

In addition, if you feel dark, a vertical line will appear on your face, if you get impatient, sweat will splatter around your head, and if you are shocked, the light will spread behind your head. The expressive power of manga and anime is truly rich.

It’s interesting, so let’s think scientifically.

What would humans do if a giant tancob was formed or tears flowed like a fountain?

The mystery of an enormous tank bu
When the characters “Genkotsu” appear on the entire screen and a dry sound “Pokakin!” Shinnosuke’s head has a considerable tankobu as big as a baseball ball.

This giant tankobu is not limited to “Crayon Shin-chan”. The head of the bonito in “Sazae-san”, Detective Mouri in “Detective Conan”, and even the head of Doraemon, who was supposed to be a robot, had a wonderful tancob.

What is the principle of Tancob in the first place? What’s more, why can you only do it on your head?

When you hit your body against something, blood vessels may break, and blood may collect under your skin. This is “internal bleeding”, and the skin turns purple on the hands and feet.

However, in the case of the head, since there is a hard skull underneath, the skin will rise by the amount of bleeding. This is what Tancob can do.

Then, blood is contained in the vast tankobu of Shinnosuke.

Its diameter is as large as a baseball ball, and the average diameter of a baseball ball is 7.4 cm. The thickness of the skin is about 2 mm, so the diameter of the blood collected in the tancob is 7 cm. 180mL in volume!

That much blood was stored in the tancob, but where did that blood come from?

Naturally, it’s inside Shinnosuke. In other words, he lost that much blood. Is that all right?

If Shinnosuke weighs the same as the average 5-year-old boy, 18.5 kg.

Since human blood is one-thirteenth of the body weight, the blood volume of Shinnosuke is 1.42 kg. With a book of 1.35L, the lost 180mL is 13% of that.

It’s a good amount, but after investigating various things, it was written on the homepage of the Japanese Red Cross Society that “it is medically okay to donate 12% of the blood volume.”

Then 13% would be okay, but it feels like it’s just barely there.

I don’t want to say that the expression is restricted because it invites child abuse, but from a scientific fantasy point of view, it was a vast tancob that was a little pounding.

The mystery of tears is like a fountain.
In “Doraemon”, the expression of tears shed by Nobita is fantastic.

This is no longer a hump. It rises about 10 cm from the eyes, draws an arch that spreads about 30 cm to the left and right, and spouts like a fountain!

From this depiction, the momentum of tears can be calculated automatically. On the earth, the water stream draws an arch with a height of 10 cm and a distance of 30 cm when it erupts at an angle of 53 degrees and a speed of 1.75 m / s.

In this case, if the diameter of the tear stream is 2 cm, the amount of tears blown out per second is 1.1 L for both eyes.

Amazing amount of water. The density of tears is almost the same as that of water, which is 1 kg per litre, so Nobita loses weight at a pace of 1.1 kilograms per second!

If Nobita weighs 30.6 kg, which is the same as the average for four small boys, if he keeps crying for 28 seconds, Nobita will disappear.

Well, it’s extreme, so if you think about it a little more realistically, you’re worried about dehydration.

According to a site called “Tell me!’ Kakure Dehydration’Committee”, humans suffer from mild dehydration when they lose 1-2% of their body weight, and headaches and dizziness when they lose 3-9%. It is said that the degree of dehydration will be severe and that 10% or more will be fatal.

Assuming that Nobita weighs 30.6 kg, as mentioned above, mild dehydration occurs 0.3 to 0.6 seconds after crying, moderate dehydration occurs in 0.8 to 2.5 seconds, and life is dangerous in 2.8 seconds. Hi ~, Osoroshi ~.

The rich expressions of manga and anime were scary to Hijo from a scientific fantasy point of view. I was also surprised.

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