What’s so great about the movie ‘Slam Dunk’?

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The movie “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK” was released on December 3 and has been an explosive hit. Over the 16 days of its release, the cumulative number of viewers was 2.81 million, box office revenue was 4.189 billion yen, and it was also the top weekend box office ranking for three consecutive weeks since its appearance (announced on December 19 by Kokoshinsha). Research).

The reason why the animated version of the manga, which was serialized about 26 years ago in 1996, has become such a hit is not only the high popularity of the original, which has a solid fan base, but also the fact that the finished product of the movie exceeded expectations. Not. Fans of the original work and those who have not read it seemed surprised and excited for their “first time.” (*Some spoilers. Written by Shinichiro Amamoto) Since little information about the movie’s content was revealed before the release, the voice actors and 3DCG images that were changed from the TV anime version once broadcast were posted online.

There were voices of anxiety and dissatisfaction above. Still, after its release, it was filled with positive feedback from the audience. In the first two days of its release, it attracted 847,000 people and showed a start dash with box office revenue of 1.296 billion yen. Since then, the number of customers has steadily increased. Many other than fans of the original work are interested in the high reputation on social media, etc. You can also see how they are recommending it.

The quality of the video directed by the original author himself

The first thing that strikes you when you watch a movie is the image quality. This movie is directed by the original author Takehiko Inoue for the first time. There are many similar voices on SNS and official comment-posting sites. Manga and illustrations, which have the power of drawing like Inoue, feel marked on paper in a light tone.

The impression differs entirely from the finished cel-look CG animation or the hybrid animation that combines CG and hand drawing. Regardless of whether you are a fan of the original work, you should be surprised and moved by seeing something unique that you have never seen before.

As for the voice actors’ voices, even if they were initially confused about the difference from the old anime version, many voices said that they no longer cared about it as they watched it.

The footage of the basketball scene is particularly spectacular, and the 3D CG that makes full use of motion capture has been thoroughly adjusted and retouched to reproduce the realism of watching an actual game. While aiming for a realistic movement that avoids anime-like exaggeration, Inoue pays close attention to the details of every corner of the screen and gives instructions to correct the picture to make the characters bloody and suppresses the inorganic texture unique to 3DCG.

In addition, the expression of Inoue’s painting is animated with its reality and dynamism. Even though the production situation at the time was average, even fans of the original who weren’t satisfied with the quality of the previous TV animation version said that this was the film adaptation of “SLAM DUNK” that they wanted to see. I am impressed. It took about 13 years from the start of the specific project, about eight years after Inoue approved the project, and about four years after the actual work started. A part of the production process can be found in the staff interview posted on the unique site “COURTSIDE.”

The content of the story is touched on below.

An arrangement that can be enjoyed even if you have not read the original of course I was blown away by the story. The hidden story was about the final match between Shohoku High School and Sanno Technical High School, which was the last game in the original work. Also, from a different point of view than the original, the main character is Ryota Miyagi instead of Hanamichi Sakuragi, revealing for the first time Miyagi’s backbone that was not drawn in the original.

The outline of the story is the same. Still, to put together a single movie based on the theme unique to this movie, many elements needed to be added to the original work. Still, many new features should be fresh for fans of the original work. Also, during the match, not only Miyagi but also the other members of Shohoku’s pasts are sketched, so even those who haven’t read the original can understand the characters, and fans of the original will be happy, like a collection of famous scenes.

The characters on the Sanno side are not drawn as well as in the original, but since it is clear that they have overwhelming power in the winning school, those who have not read the original will be able to empathize with the Shohoku side, but which one? You will be able to enjoy the exciting development that you are still determining if you will win.

One answer to fans who want a sequel to the original

Inoue received the first project proposal in 2003; since 2009, he has repeatedly refused specific film adaptation proposals. The direct reason is that I was moved by the enthusiasm of the producer who produced and sent the pilot version many times, and I felt hope for the realization of a film close to my ideal, which I thought was impossible. However, the underlying reason was to please the readers.

At the time of serialization in 1996, the ending at the peak of popularity shocked readers. It was a wonderful ending as a work, and it became a legend because of this ending. Still, for better or worse, it was an ending that betrayed predictions and an ending that differed from the standard of popular manga. Despite its popularity, many readers felt that the end was abrupt or that the author had suddenly changed his concept.

For that reason, Inoue has often answered that the ending was as planned and has held unique events to convey his gratitude to the readers, but there is still a strong desire to read the sequel. Inoue wrote in “THE FIRST SLAMDUMK re: SOURCE” (published by Shueisha) that he had been worried that he had not been able to respond to that and that he might have hurt in the end and that he wanted to please the reader. Said in an interview. One answer to that was to make this movie with responsibility.

The movie didn’t draw a sequel, but it’s no exaggeration to say that “SLAM DUNK,” an updated version of what Inoue wants to draw now, is the best new work you know but don’t know. Also, it will be a work that will inspire those who have yet to read the original. It seems that the title “THE FIRST,” which Inoue himself named, contains various meanings, but I feel that “THE SECOND” is not intended. However, although Inoue experienced more birth pains than he had imagined in this movie, he has gained a lot. On his official website, he also says that the character continues to live in him, so it may be possible.

There’s no reason to expect that there will be a continuation after that, but that’s another story. This movie should be a work that will surprise and impress fans of the original work and those who have not read it.

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