Criticism of Enako x manga collaboration gravure, editorial department explains the circumstances.

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Futabasha of “Monthly Action” editing section and the “Manga Action” editing unit 3 days, popular manga “, which was published in the magazine Kobayashi, producer Mei dragon of the” popular cosplayers- Enako is a collaboration gravure of Tokyo, some on the net In response to being criticized by other people, he explained the background of the project. Maid ” Cosplay This uproar is an image of the character because when the character’s gravure cosplayed the same cartoon by Enako was released, the skin was also exposed. However, some fans of the work criticized it, saying, “It’s an insulting act (of the work), so it can’t be helped if it’s hit.” Eniko also planned “collaboration gravure with works” and prepared costumes for “official” work led by “content holder” in the manga magazine that “May Dragon” is on the 1st on her own Twitter. He explained, “I’m insulting when I get the official work of the work.? If I have a love for the work, can I say anything by branding.?” We received it, Futaba is “Manga Action,” “Monthly action (September issue) on the official Twitter of the editorial department, and the comic action was published in the magazine” Kobayashi collaboration gravure of Chino Mei Dragon ” However, it was the editorial department who planned and requested the gravure and prepared the costumes.

” As “work collaboration gravure cool Christian believers with the permission of the teacher, under the supervision of the editorial department, we planned it so that readers can enjoy it, and after understanding that there are people who are proud of “cosplay” that is faithful to the original, the work We aimed to create a gravure magazine that even people who don’t know about can enjoy it. ” He continued, “I think there are various opinions and impressions, but we will continue to do our best so that as many people as possible can enjoy it. Thank you for your continued support.” I asked.

The manga is a work by Coolkyousinnjyu, who is serializing in “Monthly Action” (Futabasha). An interracial comedy in which “Dragon Girl” Thor, who has a horn and a tail, works as a maid under a single office lady, Mr. Kobayashi. From January to April 2017, the first period of TV animation is being broadcast by Kyoto Animation, and the second period is currently being published.

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