Animation, ‘New Prince of Tennis U17 World Cup’ news Winning victory with Echizen’s ‘shining, batted ball.’ After defeating French ‘Knights’ and ‘Ninjas, Japan advances to the semi-finals.’

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The new Prince of Tennis U-17 WORLD CUP (Under Seventeen World Cup) is currently on air. This article will tell us the breaking news from the final episode, “Samurai vs. Knight (Knight).”

Winning victory with Echizen’s “shining batted ball.” After defeating France’s ‘Knights’ and ‘Ninjas, Japan advances to the semi-finals.’

Ryoma Echizen became unconscious due to an injury, and the 3rd match of the “U-17 WORLD CUP (U-17 World Cup)” final tournament quarter-final match between Japan and France was temporarily suspended due to a medical timeout (*). Therefore, S3 (singles three) has resumed.

Echizen, who regained consciousness just before it was decided that the game could not be continued, was worried about his condition. Still, he mastered the return ace that Prince, suffering in the first half, was good at during the game, and Echizen was in charge after the restart. Lead. In addition, the battle situation was revived until the 6-6 tie break with a fierce exchange that did not feel the effects of the injury.

The final set will be a super long-term match with tie-breaks. It was thought that Prance, who captured the “shining batted ball (Hope),” would advance, but the return of Prance’s “shining batted ball (Hope)” is to incorporate the movement of “half-rotating the body in the air around the batted ball.” Echizen succeeded in hitting back.

Pence barely managed to return Echizen’s full-fledged counter-shot with two rackets (*), but he lost his balance, and in the end, Echizen’s specialty “Drive B” was decided, and Japan won the victory after a close battle. Echizen, who fell unconscious again immediately after the numerous rackets were destroyed and the match ended, told the harsh game.

In addition, in the 4th match S2 (Singles Two), Genichiro Sanada vs. Ojuwar Delon, Japan won with Sanada’s “Arashimori Enpo,” which evolved from “Furinkazan.” The Japanese national team advanced to the semi-finals.

The opponent in the semi-finals is Germany, the world’s number one ranked team. With the end of the broadcast, this corner will also end, but we would like you to see the fierce battle of the U-17 WORLD CUP that you cannot miss.

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