‘Delicious Party ♡ Pretty Cure,’ episode 44! Thank you again

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Episode 44 “Sharerin Energy! Synopsis & preceding scene cut has been released.

The motif of this work is meals and dishes = “rice.” The themes are “feelings of gratitude” and “joy of sharing,” and the keywords are “rice is a smile.” A new Pretty Cure plays an active role in a beautiful town, a delicious town where delicious food from all over the world gathers. I want to protect everyone’s “delicious smile”! The warmest and most delicious Pretty Cure is born!

TV anime “Delicious Party ♡ Pretty Cure,” episode 44 synopsis & scene cut

Episode 44 “
Share in Energy! Thank you again” All the dishes have disappeared due to the power of Recipe Bon, which is the biggest crisis in Oishii Town… However, due to the storage device of the hearts left behind by Ginger, the city is flooded with spirits, and food miraculously appears…! Yui (cv. Kana Hishikawa), who talks with Takumi, regains her energy and looks forward, and Precious follows everyone to the hideout of the Phantom Thief Bundol.

Along with Rosemary (cv. Tomoaki Maeno), Pretty Cure confronts Godaz (cv. Satoshi Mikami). Still, Mini Spirits (cv. Mitsuaki Kanuka) and others are the beckoning cats of the city, which are heart storage devices. I carried it out to the hideout!?

Episode 44 Staff
Screenplay: Sawako Hirabayashi, Storyboard: Toshinori Fukasawa/Emi Tezuka, Director: Toshinori Fukasawa, Animation Director: Nishiki Itaoka/Mirio Fujiwara/Kyoko Yufu, Art: Li Bonzen

Delicious Party ♡ PreCure Episode 44 Trailer “Share in Energy! Thank You Again”

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