Gundam ‘Witch of Mercury,’ ‘CUT’ unique feature on the front cover. What is the reason why you are crazy about it? 22 pages total

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The cover page of the May 2023 issue (released on April 19) of the culture magazine “CUT” has been decided to be the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch.”

Mentally tattered. Guell-kun has fallen into the dark. In the new cover cut feature “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury” that was released, the “Witch of Mercury,” which built a unique history as a “Gundam” work, is a modern-day

What is the reason that makes us so crazy about living in Japan? A 22-page all-out unique feature that looks back on the progress from Season 1 and approaches the direction of the revolution with a specially drawn poster.

Other unique features are as follows.
Kana Hanazawa “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Swordsmith Village Edition
Yuki Kaji’s “King Ranking Treasure Box of Courage”
Rie Takahashi “[Oshi no Ko]”
Junichi Okada x Go Ayano “Go to the End.”
Suda Masaki’s “Father of the Galactic Railroad,” Masataka Kubota’s “Stage: Evangelion Beyond,” Tomoya Nakamura’s “The Alien Guy,”

Chiaki Kobayashi “Hell Raku”,
Junta Terashima “Rhapsody”
, Mahiro Takasugi “Tokyo Revengers 2” Bloody Halloween Edition -Destiny-/-Decisive Battle-“
・ Shion Otomo x Jinai Akutsu x Yuki Kogoshi x Shori Kondo “HUNTER x HUNTER” THE STAGE
Kentaro Maeda etc.

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