‘Delicious Party Precure’ New Precure ‘Cure Finale’ is announced!

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The ban on the new precure, Cure Finale, which will appear in the anime “Delicious Party Precure” (ABC TV / TV Asahi / every Sunday at 8:30), has been lifted as soon as possible. In addition, a fun and lively visual with the addition of a cure finale and imitation was also released.

This is the 19th pressure series. Cure Precious, Cure Spicy, and Cure Yamuyam have confronted the culinary fairy Recipe Pippi from the “Bundle Group,” trying to monopolize all the dishes.

The identity of the new Pretty Cure “Cure Finale” is Amane Kasai (voice, Ai Kayano), the student council president of the junior high school where Yui Kayano, the main character, attends. In episode 18 of the July 10 broadcast, she transforms into a fourth Pretty Cure Cure Finale.

In addition, the words of a brilliant and fabulous name are revealed. “Gentle, gorgeous, and blooming sweetness! Cure finale! Let me decorate the end of the table.” Kasai Amane was a phantom thief Gentoru when the phantom thief Bundle manipulated her heart. After regaining her true nature, she depicts her path leading up to her transformation into Precure and the moment of the birth of the Cure Finale.

Chino, who plays the Cure Finale and Amane, said, “At first, I felt joy, but I still couldn’t feel it …” However, when I met with the cast and staff and heard from the team about their passion for Precure, I realized that “this is true!”

Regarding the role of Kasai Amane, who goes through the phantom thief Gentle and transforms into Precure, “Since emotions often fluctuate, (the staff) told me that I want you to do the play firmly, I feel a lot of pressure. However, I was thrilled to be able to take on such a role, so I’m looking forward to receiving a script every week. Furthermore, I can tell that the staff supports me as much as possible. I participate in dubbing every week because I want to respond to that desire. “

The anime “Delicious Party Pretty Cure” is broadcast every Sunday at 8:30 on ABC TV and TV Asahi.

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