‘SPY x FAMILY’ Chibi character & motif goods appeared Acrylic stand, tote bag, etc.

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Chibi character goods drawn by the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY” (Spy Family), which will be broadcast from October on the 25th, will be on sale.

Goods using chibi character illustrations drawn by Lloyd, Anya, and Yor are already available. The acrylic stand is a set of three chibi characters, Lloyd, Anya, and Yor. There are six tradings can badges: 2 types of Lloyd, two kinds of Anya, and two types of Yor. You can usually use miscellaneous items, such as envelope cases that can hold small objects and cards and die-cut sticky note sets.

There are also goods with motif illustrations that depict items such as weapons and stuffed animals that appear in work. The lineup includes “handkerchiefs,” “synthetic leather pouches,” and “tote bags” that can be used every day.

“SPY x FAMILY” is now available in the TOHO animation STORE limited series “Kagokore,” which is designed with characters in the basket. Lloyd, Anya, and Yor became stuffed toy key chains, and they were finished as items you can enjoy in two ways of cuteness, such as putting them in a basket and decorating them or going out with them as key chains.

“SPY x FAMILY” Chibi Chara Acrylic Stand Set: 1980 yen
“SPY x FAMILY” Chibi Chara Trading Can Badge [6 types in total]: 440 yen each
“SPY x FAMILY” Chibi Chara Envelope Case: 1650 yen
“SPY” × FAMILY” Chibi character sticker set: 990 yen
“SPY × FAMILY” motif handkerchief: 990 yen
“SPY x FAMILY” motif pouch: 1430 yen
“SPY x FAMILY” motif bag: 2200 yen
“SPY x FAMILY” Kagokore plush key chain Lloyd Forger: 2200 yen
“SPY x FAMILY” Kagokore plush key chain Anya Four Jar: 2,200 yen
“SPY x FAMILY” Kagokore Plush Keychain Yor Forger: 2200 yen (tax included)

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