‘Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite’ The 2nd term will be broadcast in July, and the 3rd term will be published in 23.

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It has been decided that the second season of the TV anime ” Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite” will be broadcast in July this year, and the third season will be published in 2023. Animate all the “1st grade” in the original novel.

The original is a school-light novel by Mr. Syougo Kinugasa (published by KADOKAWA). Kiyotaka Ayakoji, the main character who has been assigned to the D class at the bottom of the high school, which is dominated by the supremacy of ability that only excellent people can receive high treatment, has excellent grades but has difficulty in personality. Along with the beautiful girl, Suzune Horikita, she depicts how she overcomes various dangers in her class. In the first period of TV animation, all 12 episodes were broadcast in 2017.

The main cast of the second term will be a total of 14 people, including Shoya Chiba as Kiyotaka and Akari Kito as Suzune. The opening theme song will continue to be in charge of ZAQ from the first period, and voice actor Mai Fuchigami will sing the ending theme song.

The staff members who worked on the first term are reunited. Seiji Kishi and Hiroyuki Hashimoto, the directors in the first term, will participate as general directors. Yoshito Nisshoji, who was in charge of assistant directors, will participate. Kazuaki Morita will continue to design the characters, and Lerche, who will produce the animation, will continue to be cast.

An anime project visual depicting Kiyotaka standing in the classroom and the maxims of philosophers such as Lucius Annaeus Seneca and Kikero and an anime project promotion video featuring many characters in the works have been released.

Also, from 12:25 pm on March 26, it has been decided that a stage event will be held at the KADOKAWA booth of “AnimeJapan 2022” where Yurika Kubo, who plays Kikyo Kushida, and Masaaki Mizunaka, who plays Sho Ryuzono, will be on stage in addition to Chiba. Did. Tickets that can be viewed with priority will be distributed by lottery in advance (the distribution method will be announced later). Furthermore, from April 4, the first rebroadcast will begin on TOKYO MX, TV Aichi, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, AT-X, and BS Nippon Television.

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