“Denno Coil” Director Mitsuo Iso’s new work “Chikyugai Shojo” will be released next year 1.28 Toshiyuki Inoue as an animator

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From January 28, 2022, the original animation “Chikyugai Shojo,” the latest work directed by Mitsuo Iso, will be screened in theaters for two weeks each, divided into the first and second parts. At the same time, the participation of Toshiyuki Inoue as the main animator was announced, and the remarkable news, including the video of director Iso’s debut work “Denno Coil,” was lifted.

This is the second original anime work in which Iso, who made his debut as the original screenwriter, and director in the TV anime “Denno Coil” in 2007, will be the original screenwriter and director for the first time in 15 years. With Kenichi Yoshida (animation “Symphonic Psalm Eureka Seven” series, etc.) as the character design, the concept and concept visuals were announced in 2018.

“Denno Coil” depicts 202X when a device called cyber glasses is widespread, and it became a hot topic because it foresaw modern AR. Iso, who foresaw such a “now,” next draws “2045 when the development of AI has made it possible for anyone to go to outer space.” It consists of 6 episodes, and in the theater screening, three episodes will be screened as the first part and the second part, and the theatrical release version Blu-ray & DVD will be released in advance at the theater.

Director Iso said, “I want to draw a bright and interesting universe and the future as the stage of animation! For extraterrestrial boys and girls, I will draw an adventure story of Urahara and pounding that ordinary junior high school and elementary school students can jump in. This time the universe has a convenience store and a smartphone. You can also use it! ” Kenichi Yoshida, who works as a character designer, said, “You don’t have to go to space. You can’t help dreaming. I feel like we’re in a world where there are many opinions about the real world. “Let’s see,” I decided to make this work. “

Toshiyuki Inoue, who has decided to participate in this work, is a charismatic animator who worked on “GHOST IN THE SHELL Ghost in the Shell” and “AKIRA.” Inoue, who also participated in “Denno Coil,” said that the reason for participating in this work was “I thought that” Denno Coil “could not fully meet his (Director Iso)’s order, so I tried to fulfill that humiliation. I decided to participate. “

The remarkable news begins with the video of Iso’s first directorial work, “Denno Coil.” At the Japanese space station “Anshin,” children born on the moon meet children who have traveled to space from the earth. An SNS video distribution screen in outer space, a space station with a comical atmosphere, and a drone that flies around the station. Meaningful lines such as “The future is decided by Seven Poem” also appeared, and the content was full of futuristic feeling with Juvenile reminiscent of “Denno Coil.” The cast members of the characters appearing in the particular newsletter will be announced at a later date.

The original animation “Chikyugai Shounen Shoujo” will be screened in theaters for two weeks each, from January 28, 2022, for the first part and February 11 for the second part.

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