Voice actor Suzuko Mimori “People want to see anime” stage “Joran” public practice

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The public rehearsal of the stage “Joran THE PRINCESS OF SNOW AND BLOOD ~ You Zuru Yuzuki Hana Hen ~” was held on the 27th in Meijiza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

The popular anime broadcast on Nippon Television this spring was staged. Set in the fictitious Tokugawa era, it depicts the battle between an organization that plans to collapse the system and a government organization that eliminates it. Voice actors Suzuko Mimori (35), Shouta Aoi (34), Raychel, and others who appeared in the anime version will appear with the same characters. Plays the past story of the anime version.

Mimori, who plays the role of Saki Yukimura, who belongs to a government organization, is also trying for the first time in a full-scale sword fight in a kimono. “It’s a rich stage, but it’s easy for people who haven’t seen anime to understand, and I think they’ll want to see it. It depicts the characters living powerfully. I hope you can make it the strength of the daily life of those who see it. ” Performed from 28th to 7th November.

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