Designing ‘Gundam’ Amuro, RX-78-2, and the Earth Federation Forces Introducing ‘CHARI & CO’ collaboration items from NY.

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A capsule collection incorporating the designs of Amuro, Gundam RX-78-2, and the EFSF (Earth Federation Forces) is a collaboration item between the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam” and New York cycle wear brand “CHARI&CO.” Appearance. Pre-orders are available at the “STRICT-G Online Store” on the 

“Mobile Suit Gundam” is an anime that began broadcasting in 1979. Up to that point, the current trend in robot anime was a realistic depiction of war, detailed scientific research, and a deeply human drama that weaved intricately, treating robots as “weapons” called “mobile suits.” He established a genre called “real robot animation” that could not be described simply by judging good and evil and caused a huge boom. Since then, it has been made into a series up to the present and has enjoyed high support both in Japan and overseas for a long time.

The capsule collection, available for pre-order, is a fusion of the world view of the industry that builds this work and the details, functionality, and fashion indispensable for bicycle riding by “CHARI & CO.”

“Amuro T-shirt,” “RX-78-2 T-shirt”, “RX-78-2 Long-sleeved T-shirt”, and “RX-78-2″ are highly functional items that are suitable for everyday use and ideal for lifestyles. Parka”, “RX-78-2 Coach Jacket”, “EFSF Cap,” “EFSF Socks,” and “EFSF Bag” were lined up. Various collaboration items of “STRICT-G CHARI & CO “Mobile Suit Gundam” are available for pre-order at “The STRICT-G Online Store” in “Premium Bandai” until 23:00 on September 10 and will be shipped during September. It is scheduled.

In addition, the “STRICT-G” Tokyo Odaiba store, Tokyo SolamachiIt, is also on general sale at NEOPASA Shizuoka (outbound) store and Taga SA (outbound) store. For details, please refer to each product page. ・STRICT-G CHARI&CO “Mobile Suit Gundam” Amuro T-shirt ・STRICT-G CHARI&CO “Mobile Suit Gundam” RX-78-2 T-shirt ・STRICT-G CHARI&CO “Mobile Suit Gundam” RX-78-2 long sleeve T-shirt ・STRICT -G CHARI&CO “Mobile Suit Gundam” RX-78-2 Parka ・STRICT-G CHARI&CO “Mobile Suit Gundam” RX-78-2 Coach Jacket ・STRICT-G CHARI&CO “Mobile Suit Gundam” EFSF Cap ・STRICT-G CHARI&CO “Mobile Warrior Gundam” EFSF Socks/STRICT-G CHARI&CO “Mobile Suit Gundam” EFSF Bag ・ “STRICT-G Online Store” in “Premium Bandai” Sales period: ~2023 September 10 (Sunday) 23:00 Planning: Bandai Co., Ltd. Shipping month: Scheduled to be shipped in September 2023 *Sales may end if the number of preparations is reached. *Sales may have ended by the time you access the page. ・STRICT-G Tokyo Odaiba store ・STRICT-G Tokyo Solamachi store ・STRICT-G NEOPASA Shizuoka (outbound) store ・STRICT-G Taga SA (outbound) store

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