A character with the ‘Bikkurimen’ factor transforms!? Tensei Goshin PV released!

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Regarding the new animation “Bikkurimen” to be broadcast in October 2023, the “Tensei Goshin PV” that includes the character transformation scene has been released. In addition, theme song information and exceptional event visitor bonus illustrations have been announced. “Bikkuriman” series.

In 1985, the “Devil vs. Angel” series became a big hit and synonymous with sticker-based candy toys. It has also been made into an anime many times, with the first being “Bikkuriman” in 1987. Shinei Animation (founded in 1976), based at the same time as Bikkuriman, plans to make an anime version of this work. It is a Reiwa version of anime with a completely original story featuring characters such as Yamato, Ushiwaka, Jack, and Phoenix, familiar with stickers.

On September 7th (Thursday), a surprising and meaningful video was suddenly released on the anime’s official SNS, saying, “24 hours left until Tensei Goshin”. Comments on social media included, “What is Tensei God?” and “I’m looking forward to the release tomorrow!” And today, the “Tensho Goddess PV” is finally released! What is Tensei God? Bikkuriman stickers are pasted and pasted and pasted back.

This is the basic way to play. But the sticker has a secret. Those who possess the factor can use the seals related to their roots to transform into Gods! The God scene, which is the key to the story, has finally been released. The theme song has also been announced! The opening theme is “Collection” by Dannie May. The ending article is a character song, Yamato (CV: Daiji Kajita ), Ushiwaka (CV: Shuta Morishima ), and Jack (CV: Ryumaru Tachibana) will be singing “Seishun☆Wachagonadu.”

This time, the opening theme will be unveiled for the first time! Dannie May’s first youth rock song is a hope to live in the future. A comment arrived from the artist, “I want you to listen to the chorus that makes you want to raise your voice together while imagining the straight Yamato and others (partial excerpt).”

In addition, an illustration drawn by Hiroyuki Takei, which depicts the character after the fusion, is also released! It will be distributed to all visitors at the special event on Sunday, September 17th. The animation “Bikkurimen” is getting even more exciting with the release of the PV, the synthesizing scene, and the theme song.

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