“Detective Conan” official spin-off “Criminal Criminal Sawa-san” “Zero no Nichijou (Tea Time)” W animation decision!

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Two official spin-offs of “Detective Conan” will be animated!

“Detective Conan, the criminal’s criminal” visual

“Detective Conan Zero’s Everyday Life (Tea Time)” Visual

Known as the official spin-off work of “Detective Conan,” the popular comics “Detective Conan Criminal Criminal Sawa-san” and “Detective Conan Zero’s Everyday Life” are serialized in “Shonen Sunday S” and “Weekly Shonen Sunday” respectively. (Tea Time)” has been decided to be animated.
At the same time, the animation decision PV and each teaser visual were also released.

In addition, comments from the original Gosho Aoyama and others are also available on the official website.

“Detective Conan, the criminal’s criminal, Mr. Sawa”

“Detective Conan Criminal Criminal Sawa-san” is a spin-off work that depicts the familiar black tights-like visual “criminal” in “Detective Conan” by Gosho Aoyama and Mayuko Kanba.

Since 2017, it has been serialized in “Shonen Sunday S,” The cumulative circulation has exceeded 2 million, with six volumes released on the same day as 100 volumes of “Detective Conan.”

The daily life, the criminal gang of the jet-black person “Criminal Criminal Sawa (pseudonym)” who landed in Yonehanacho, a crime city where the world’s top-level incidents occur, is drawn.

Serialization: Shonen Sunday S (published by Shogakukan) Comics Volumes 1 to 5 on sale
Original / Mayuko Kanba, Gosho Aoyama “Detective Conan Criminal Criminal Sawa-san” (serialized in Shogakukan “Shonen Sunday S”)

“Daily life of Detective Conan Zero”

“Detective Conan Zero no Nichijou” is an official spin-off work drawn by Takahiro Arai, entirely supervised by Gosho Aoyama, the original author of “Detective Conan.”

In 2018, serialization started from the 24th issue of “Weekly Shonen Sunday,” which is still being serialized irregularly. The cumulative circulation has exceeded 2.7 million, with five volumes released on the same day as 100 volumes of “Detective Conan.”

The organization of public security, detectives, and black organization, and the everyday life of Toru Amuro, who has three faces (triple face), is depicted.

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