President Bonds, the creator of the anime ‘Hiroaka,’ talks about a turning point: 2016 was the birth of a new trend.

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On October 15th, a talk show, “Do you know Bonds?”

Mr. Masahiko Minami, the president and producer of the animation production company Bonds, which has produced many works such as ” My Hero Academia (6th season) “, will talk about the company’s 24-year trajectory for about an hour. Then, speaking alone, the production episode of each work was shown.

Bonds was founded in 1998 by Mr. Minami, a producer at Sunrise 2nd Studio, and animators Koji Osaka and Toshihiro Kawamoto. Since its inception, it has actively worked on original works such as the TV animation ” Kikiden Hiwo Senki, “but while actively challenging new things, Mr. Minami said the company began to decline in 2003-04. However, it is said that the big hit ” Fullmetal Alchemist ” broadcasted in 2009 saved him. As a further challenge, the original theatrical animation ” Strendia: Mukou no Katan ” was produced. Although it struggled commercially, it is still popular overseas and is loved by fans as one of Bonds ‘ representative works.

It was in 2016 that a new trend was born that led to the company’s presence, also known as a studio that produces robot animations with a good balance of original and original works. By chance, the company, which has five production teams from A to E, made three works, ” My Hero Academia, “Bungo Stray Dogs, “and ” Mob Psycho 100 “, all of which are long-term series.

At the end of the talk, Mr. Minami said that he hoped people would find it interesting to watch anime, focusing on the individuality of anime studios and the connections between staff. He also said that he has a natural feeling that it has become. Various forms of expression, such as 3DCG, have been created, and an environment has been put in place to allow works to be seen worldwide through subscription services. I was sending an email.

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