Why is the appearance of the main story of ‘actual companies’ increasing in recent anime? What are the most popular genres?

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Why is the appearance of the main story of ‘why is it increasing so much?

According to the Japan Animation Association’s “Anime Industry Report 2022”, compared to 2002, domestic sales of Japanese animation have doubled, while overseas sales have tripled. Anime is now commonplace, and “tie-ups” with companies have become a matter of course.

Nice collaboration! See collaboration goods of popular anime and public companies (6 photos). In this article, we will consider why anime and companies are increasing in tie-ups.

Two Types of Tie-ups As far as I can see, tie-ups between anime and companies can be roughly divided into two types (animation production to sell toys is excluded). There are two types: the traditional “tie-up in a way that reflects the work’s popularity” and the “thing that assumes a tie-up.”

The former is “Dragon Ball, “Evangelion, “ONE PIECE, and “And Kimetsu no Yaiba,” directed by Makoto Shinkai works, are representative. We will utilize the power of the characters and brands of these super-popular works in advertising. For example, Makoto Shinkai’s “Weathering with You” was used as a commercial for the part-time job information app Baitoru. Hodaka and Hina, portrayed in the film as struggling financially, will introduce the part-time job app, so we can expect it to appeal to young people who have seen “Weathering with You.”

Aiming for tie-ups into animation Animation is a milestone for manga artists and novelists. Since animation production requires a lot of money, only famous works that are profitable are selected. However, in the past few years, it seems that more and more anime adaptations have been made with consideration given to the popularity of the anime series, as well as the fact that they are highly hobbyist, have a clear target audience, and can aim for tie-ups with companies.

For example, “Dangerous Skills and Another World Wandering Meshi” (from now on referred to as Tonski) began broadcasting in January 2023. This work, which started as a free web novel, is very popular and has exceeded 3.5 million copies for the novel version alone. The feature is that Aeon Retail, Ebara Food Industry, Kagome, etc., are listed as cooperating companies when making animation.

Why did all the food manufacturers cooperate?

In “Tonski,” the main character, “Mukoda,” summoned to another world, makes full use of the skills of “Net Super” and travels freely with the powerful monsters “Fenrir” and “Sui.” It is working to do. At the beginning of the “Let’s become a novelist” series, the “Net Super” brand was not specified, but the actual brand appears in the canonicalization and anime. Many viewers must have been surprised by the screen display of Aeon Net Super when the skill was activated in the first episode of the anime. Of course, the groceries that Mkouda buys are all natural things.

The key to this work is that the main character, a 27-year-old single man, uses the products he procures from the “net supermarket” to create delicious dishes that surprise everyone in another world. Cooperating companies such as Aeon Retail must have thought that the fan base of this work and the target group they wanted to appeal to would overlap. Unlike TV commercials, anime is translated and distributed all over the world.

The advertising effect is excellent if your company’s products are drawn attractively in animation. It will also be highly cost-effective because it will remain in the subscription library after the broadcast ends. Did it all start with Yuru Camp △? When thinking about why the number of highly hobbyist anime that have a clear target group and are aimed at tie-ups with companies has increased, the tremendous success of the camping manga “Yuru Camp” cannot be excluded.

This work, which features many real-life brands and is rich in “things with touring” and “things about sightseeing spots,” was made into an anime in 2018 and became a big hit. It sparked a camping boom that continues today and has won many tie-ups. Future Media Mix + Tie-up By developing a single piece of content in multiple media, he has increased recognition, and the media mix aiming for synergistic effects has become commonplace. In the future, there will likely be an increase in the creation of works aimed at tie-ups with companies.

It is said that animation production, where the work’s popularity dramatically influences profits, is close to a kind of gambling. For the stability of the business, it is necessary to have a strong hobby and a clear target group and tie-ups with companies. Are actual companies increasing in recent anime? What are the most popular genres? The production of animation in the “popular target” genre is solid, and if it becomes a hit, the return is expected to be large. The increase in hobby-based anime is probably the result of the mutual interests of production companies that want to create solid works and companies that aim to raise awareness. In addition to camping and cooking, there are countless examples of hobbies themed, such as bands, muscle training, and fishing. Well, which genre will be animated next?

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