Detective Takagi and Detective Chiba are XX because of Conan!? Anime ‘Detective Conan’

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Anime “Detective Conan” (Yomiuri TV/Nippon TV series, every Saturday from 18:00) September 17th “I want to get back that person.” Conan Edogawa’s words and deeds caused a disaster for Detectives Takagi and Chiba!?

Conan and Kogoro Mouri see news on TV about the disappearance of a traffic accident victim. A woman who witnessed the accident while walking took the victim’s driver’s license and reported it to the police, but the man who perpetrated it seems to have disappeared as it was, saying, “I will take you to the hospital.” Meanwhile, the Mouri Detective Agency receives a phone call.

It was from the wife of the person whose name was mentioned in the news as a victim. His wife and secretary greet Conan and Kogoro. They requested to “find out the master and bring him back safely.” Then, a person calling himself the culprit calls him and asks him to buy Hotokemaru’s body for 10 million yen. Seeing the two of them try to pay 10 million yen without notifying the police as requested by the criminal, Conan feels uncomfortable.

Conan orders Detectives Takagi and Chiba in the middle of the investigation, saying, “Kogoro’s uncle” and “It looks like he got permission from the inspector.” The two obediently obey, but Inspector Megure and Kogoro don’t know anything about it, so they say, “Do whatever you want without asking!”

On Twitter, “I’m about to get a pay cut because of Conan-Kun,” “Detective Chiba and Takagi’s salary is steadily decreasing…” “If you make a mistake, your salary will be reduced.” murmured.

Detectives Takagi and Chiba are supposed to be “going somewhere without permission during the investigation.” As a result, they are doing great work, but I hope that viewers’ worries will not become a reality.

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