‘Arifureta Shogaku de Sekai Saikyo’ 3rd phase production decision PV release that suggests the next stage

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The production of the 3rd season “3rd season” of the TV animation ” Arifureta Shogaku de Sekai Saikyo” has been decided, and the new visual and production decision PV has been released. It was announced at the OVA advance screening and talk show on September 10th.

The anime ” Arifureta Shogaku de Sekai Saikyo ” series is based on a light novel by Ryo Shiroma. “1st season” was broadcast in 2019, and “2nd season” was published from January to March 2010. Hajime Nagumo (CV: Toshinari Fukamachi ), summoned to another world, forms a party with the vampire Yue ( Yuki Kuwabara ), whom he met in the abyss of the great labyrinth, and continues his adventure to return to his original world.

The OVA “Phantom Adventure and Miracle Encounter” will be included in the original novel ” Arifureta Shogaku de Sekai Saikyou” Volume 13 with Blu-ray and will be released on September 25th.

The central staff will be the same as “2nd season”, director Akira Iwanaga, series composition/script Katsuichi Sato, character design / general drawing director Tomoka Kojima, and animation production as read.

The new visual draws a mysterious rabbit silhouette behind Hajime and Yue. The PV suggests that the “3rd season” stage is Haltina Jukai, the hometown of Shia, the Usagininzoku who appeared in the “1st season”.

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