Di Gi Charat makes his YouTube debut today! Asami Sanada is in charge of the voice.

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” Di Gi Charat ” debuted as YouTuber. We will challenge various projects for a limited time on ” Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat Official Channel.”

” Di Gi Charat ” celebrated its 24th anniversary this year. It has been decided to produce a new mini- animation ” Di Gi Charat of Reiwa” and hold ” Di Gi Charat 24th Anniversary Koge- Donbo * Exhibition”. This 3D model, which works as a YouTuber, is supervised by Koge- Donbo *. Asami Sanada, who also plays the role of Dejiko in the new animation, is in charge of the voice. At the 0th meeting, which was released today at noon on January 22, Dejiko talked about future activities. In the future, projects such as talks with guests related to mini- animation and infiltration into the production site will be delivered.

We also have a campaign to commemorate the opening of the official YouTube channel. After registering on YouTube’s ” Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat Official Channel, “follow Reiwa ‘s Di Gi Charat Official Twitter and retweet the specified tweet. Five people will be drawn by lottery. A plate acrylic stands not for sale will be presented to. Check the official Twitter for details.

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