‘Thank You’ to Fans a Kyoto Animation Announces 1st Ever Music Festival

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The occasion will be held in Kyoto on November 20 and 21

Kyoto Animation announced today that they will hold their first-historically speaking performance this November in festival of their series, to thank the fans that have remained by them during the previous few years, and to anticipate what’s to come. The subject for the KyoAni Music Festival is “motivation for the future,” and will have melodic visitors that will perform music from KyoAni anime.

This will be the fifth Kyoto Animation “Says thanks to Event” for fans, and the first occasion in quite a while. The booked 2019 occasion was dropped because of the Kyoto Animation incendiarism assault in July 2019 and was supplanted with public commemoration administration for the individuals who passed. No occasion was held in 2020 for clear reasons.

Ticket information, guests, and more will be uncovered sometime in the not-too-distant future, with the occasion being hung on November 20 and 21 at the ROHM Theater Kyoto. An English authority site was opened for the occasion, just as a Twitter account.

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