‘Digimon’ 2 new animations announced ‘Digimon Ghost Game’ broadcast this fall & ’02’ movie production decision.

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Two new titles from the  popular anime ” Digimon ” series were announced on August 1st at the fan event “Digifest 2021” held at the Yokosuka Arts Theater in Kanagawa.

The new TV animation “Digimon Ghost Game” will be broadcast on Fuji TV from this fall, and it has been decided that a new movie of the second series, “Digimon Adventure 02,” published in 2000, will be produced. “Digimon Adventure:” currently being broadcast on Fuji TV, is scheduled to end in September.

“Digimon Ghost Game,” which is problematic about evolution, has a new story and characters as a completely original story. The released teaser visual depicts three children and a silhouette Digimon behind them. The Digimon that have been unveiled this time are Gammamon, Jerrymon, and Angoramon, specially drawn for the new series. What are the identities of the three Digimon? How do you get involved with these three children? What do the visually marked “holograms” and “ghosts” mean? The story and character introduction of the same work with many mysteries will be announced in the future.

The new movie is Davis Motomiya, the main character of “Digimon Adventure 02” broadcast in 2000. The ban on unique news footage and teaser visuals has been lifted, and Tomohisa Taguchi and Akatsuki Yamatoya, the primary staff of the movie “LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna”His name, are credited, but other than that, only the movie production started, a copy of “02” and a mysterious line. Details such as the boy and Digimon, who do not know visually and the release date are unknown, but this will also be announced later. Regarding the new movie “02”, producer Yosuke Kinoshita said, “The main axis of this movie is everyone in” 02 “! Daisuke and his friends have a different charm from Taichi and others, and I want to express that because of this age.

The characters that can be confirmed now are not Daisuke, but a boy and Digimon who do not know, and the problematic lines. The illustration was drawn by Kenji Watanabe, one of the creators of Digimon! What does that mean? Honestly, I’ve just started, so it’s a long way to go, but please enjoy it! ” The anime “Digimon” series originated from the mobile game “Digital Monster” released in June 1997. After the first series, “Digimon Adventure” was broadcast on Fuji TV from March 1999, “Digimon Adventure 02” (00-01), “Digimon Tamers” (01-02), etc. A popular work that has been broadcast and made into a movie while changing the titles such as “Digimon Frontier (02-03),” Digimon Savers “(06-07), and” Digimon Adventure: “(20-21).

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