TV anime ‘Monogatari’ additional cast Miyuki Sawashiro, playing ‘Tsukumogami’ in haori

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An additional cast for the TV anime “Monogatari” based on Onigunso’s original work has been announced. Miyuki Sawashiro will play Haori’s “Tsukumogami” Haori.

“Monogatari,” serialized in Ultra Jump (Shueisha), is about a young man named Kuna to Hyoma who hates the “Tsukumogami” who stole his loved ones and lives with the “Tsukumogami” to save them.

A Japanese-style fantasy depicts the communal life of Botan Nagatsuki, a girl from a prestigious family who loves her family. Haori, played by Sawashiro, is the facilitator of the wedding furnishings for Nagatsuki, one of the three major tsukumogami in Kyoto, and is a character who has high hopes that the terracotta horses will be the hope to save Botan.

In addition, the cast of other wedding furniture roles includes Chikahiro Kobayashi as Nagi, the tsukumogami of the sword, Reina Ueda as the tsukumogami, Yui of the kanzashi, Aimi Tanaka as the tsukumogami, Kagami, and Inkstone, the tsukumogami of the inkstone. Yoshiki Nakajima is listed for the role.

Comment from Miyuki Sawashiro (role of haori)
I’m Miyuki Sawashiro, and will be in charge of Haori’s voice. “Monogatari” is full of charming characters who have compelling eyes. She scanned the original that she was drawn in, so I am grateful that she will be involved as a member of the animation team.

TV animation “Monogatari”
Original: Onigunsou (serialized in Shueisha’s “Ultra Jump”)
Director: Ryuichi Kimura
Series composition: Keiichiro Ochi
Assistant Director: Takahiro Okawa
Main character design: Shiori Fujisawa
Sub-character design: Yuka Shiga
Prop/Action Design: Satomi Watabe, Tetsuro Nireki, Juji Ogi
Color design: Satoko Kimura
Director of Photography: Yoichi Ogami
Editing: Kazuhiro Arai
Sound Director: Hiromi Kikuta
Music: John Kanda, XELIK
Production: BN Pictures
Planning and Producer: Shogakukan Shueisha Productions

Chi-Horse Horse: Takeo Otsuka
Nagatsuki Botan: Yuki Takada
Tree: Chikahiro Kobayashi
Conclusion: Reina Ueda
Mirror: Aimi Tanaka
Inkstone: Yoshiki Nakajima
Haori: Miyuki Sawashiro

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