Digimon’s new ED song is Suga Shikao x Hyadain’s disco tune.

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Fuji TV announced on the 26th that a new song, “Monster Disco,” written by Shikao Suga, was decided as the new ending theme song of the anime “Digimon Ghost Game” (9.0 before Sunday).

The song is a disco tune named Suga Shikao (lyrics/song) x Hyadain (arrangement). It was unveiled from the 32nd episode of “Omaeha Whoda,” broadcast on July 3, and the ending video is also a new version. Each character appears in the distribution jacket.

Producer Matsuki Ehana of the same station says, “I can imagine Digimon dancing happily, but there is also a slightly mysterious atmosphere, and it is a perfect song for the program.”

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