Wasn’t the road to the final episode of the anime ‘Mahoujin Guru Guru’ ED song ‘Wind Climbing Beside the Wind ‘ at all flat?

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Wasn’t the road to the final episode of the anime “Mahoujin Guru Guru” ED song “Wind Climbing ~ Beside the Wind ~” at all flat?

Shishimomo Fly

In this article, I picked up one of my favorite songs from various old and new anime songs. I will tell you a little information about the music and the artist. This time, we paid attention to the ending theme song “Wind Climbing ~ Wind Climbing ~ (Wind Climbing His Casenia Sovalete)” of the first period of the anime “Mahoujin Guru Guru.”

The following includes spoilers of “Mahoujin Guru Guru,” so please be careful if you haven’t watched it yet!

A song of nostalgic memories … should be !?

Aki Okui, a female singer-songwriter who has been in charge of many anime theme songs, will sing “Wind Climbing-Wind Climbing-.” Speaking of her tie-up songs, there are ED songs “Kokoro no Fanfare” from the anime “Pokemon Her Best Wish” and “Tsuki no Mayu” from the anime “∀Gundam.” It can be said that it is work.

“Mahoujin Guru Guru” is a popular fantasy RPG-style manga by Hiroyuki Eto, which was serialized in “Monthly Shonen Gangan” magazine. It has been animated three times in the past, and the song “Wind Climbing-Wind Climbing-” was the first ED theme of the first animation.

This work is also famous as an animation work that has reached the unexpected final episode. Because, in the last episode of the first work, while the final battle with the Demon King Gili is just around the corner, the main characters suddenly abandon the action and return home, saying, “I’m done!”. In the second animation that follows, the Demon King Gili is not defeated, and the climax is finally reached with the new energy for the first time in about 17 years.

The story’s ending is hidden, but the final insert song was “Wind Climbing ~ Beside the Wind ~.” The appearance in the animation for the first time in decades is a truly “emotional” production that approaches the viewer’s heart with nostalgia.

The song says, “She’s surely boring on a flat road,” and “She’s just right to crawl up,” the end of the anime series that crawls up an uneven road was brilliantly decorated.

Mr. Okui’s YouTube channel is currently delivering the PV and live video of this song. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the lyrics and singing voice that resonate with you because you still want to grow up.

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