Snow Man Daisuke Sakuma talks about regular radio ‘Enjoy as if you came to a nerd friend.’

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The new regular program, “Snow Man Daisuke Sakuma’s Waiting, Unreasonable, Tough, …” in which Daisuke Sakuma serves as a personality, will start on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting on Saturday, April 9.

This is the first time Sakuma has been the sole personality on the radio. What will be broadcast is within the frame called “A & G Zone,” which consists of programs related to anime, games, and voice actors, and Sakuma talks about his current situation and the topics of anime and games that he loves for an hour.

In addition to planning talks by inviting guests in the program, “Sakuma’s Playlist,” where Sakuma makes playlists of songs that he wants to share with listeners, “Otaku’s true intention,” which sets a theme every time and solicits answers. There will also be a section such as “Pushing Narrative / Featured Anime Narrative” that introduces what Sakuma wants to recommend and new animations. Sakuma commented toward the program’s start, “I want to make the program sympathetic to various people as an otaku, so I want my otaku friends to enjoy it as if they came to play.”

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