Director Mari Okada’s Unique View of the World The latest work, ‘Alice and Telles’s Illusion Factory,’ depicts the heart’s darkness and pain.

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We still don’t know the name of the flower we saw that day. (Anohana) The original theatrical version of the anime “Alice and Teres no Illusionary Factory” was directed by Mari Okada, who is known for the screenplay for the anime “Anohana” It will be released on the 15th of the month.

“Ano Hana,” which became a hot topic as an “animation that makes you cry,” and the movie version of the movie “Kokoro yellaittettettenda (Kokosake)” (2015). Mr. Okada, who has fascinated many people with his only worldview that vividly depicts conflicts, has the catchphrase for his latest work, “The urge to fall in love destroys the world.” Looking back on Mari Okada’s work before the release of the newest work makes you feel even more terrible.

Pilgrimage to sacred places is also a hot topic. Legendary animations “Anohana” and “Kokosake”

“Anohana” is an original anime broadcast on Fuji TV’s late-night anime slot “Noitamina” in 2011. Friends who grew up unable to escape the death of a childhood friend they experienced when they were young meet again to fulfill the wish of a childhood friend who was supposed to be dead, who suddenly appeared one day, and overcome their conflicts.

As soon as it was broadcasted, it became a hot topic and attracted many people, regardless of generation, as a “crying anime.” It created the ‘Anohana’ phenomenon, with fans rushing to pilgrimage to Saitama and Chichibu, where the film was set.

After that, he wrote the screenplay “Kokosake,” which depicts the conflict of a girl who had closed her heart because she was blocked from chatting because words tore her family apart, she said casually when she was young.

The movie version of the anime “The Person Who Knows the Blueness of the Sky” (2019) depicts the love and swaying feelings of sisters who lost their parents at an early age. Ms. Okada has shaken her viewers’ emotions by portraying all the subtleties of her human heart and “feelings that do not want to be touched” in a frank and delicate manner.

Mari Okada’s works are also characterized by long titles that must be remembered once heard. The identification of each work has a condensed story, and expectations are rising as to what the latest work, “Alice and Telles’ Maboroshi Factory,” means.

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