‘SPY x FAMILY’ Buchigire for Anya !? Lloyd Forger’s 3 ‘Too Cool Words’

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The manga “SPY x FAMILY” was serialized by Tatsuya Endo in “Shonen Jump +” (Shueisha). It is a famous work made into a TV animation in the spring of 2022, and the second excellent broadcast from October has also been decided. Many fans got to know the work after the animation and were addicted to its charm.

The main character, Lloyd Forger (voice: Takuya Eguchi), is a talented spy who belongs to an intelligence agency and has the code name “Twilight.” Lloyd, who decided to create a camouflaged family for a specific mission, adopted a girl, Anya (voice: Atsumi Tanezaki), who has supernatural powers to read the heart and is a killer with the code name “Princess Ibara”.・ Yor (agent: Saori Hayami) was selected as the wife. This is a comedy work centered around the Karisome family.

And there must be many female fans fascinated by Lloyd, who has the back face of a spy who performs dangerous missions. So this time, I would like to pick up and introduce Lloyd’s excellent lines that made me sick by watching the animation.

The following includes some contents of “SPY x FAMILY.” It’s not the primary purpose of this article to explain the story, but if you haven’t seen the manga and anime yet, or if you’re worried about unintended spoilers, please be careful.

The voice of my heart telling me why I became a spy is too cool!
Lloyd adopted Anya in the first episode and started living with her. However, while he is away, Anya is kidnapped by a hostile force. Lloyd immediately gets into the enemy territory and regains Anya, but when she hears Anya’s cry, she remembers her helpless childhood. And regretting having put Anya in her dangerous eyes, she lied to her and led her to her police, trying to return her to her safe orphanage.

And Lloyd said, “That’s right … a world where children don’t cry. I became a spy because I wanted to make it,” she recalls in her mind why she became a spy.

Hearing the voice of Lloyd’s heart, Anya didn’t go to the police and waited for Lloyd, who had defeated her enemy, to return. To Lloyd, who ended up continuing her life with her, Anya murmured, “Chichi, a terrible liar,” “But … a cool liar.”

As Anya says, Lloyd’s lines were irresistibly cool when she revealed in her mind why she became a spy.

Buchigire to the rude interviewer who made Anya cry
Yor joins her family and decides to take the interview test at the prestigious Eden school, which Anya aims to pass, with her family. The interview with the Forgers began in a tense situation that even Lloyd was nervous about.

Although the question and answer session went smoothly, one of the frustrated interviewers envied the beautiful men and women, Lloyd and his wife, and hit a rude words against Yoru, who is not good at cooking. But Lloyd managed to hold back her anger.

However, the interviewer also asks Anya an insensitive question, such as “Which is the higher score, the current mom or the previous mom?” Anya spilled tears in response to this mean word, and she could not respond.

After repeating her rude words to Yor again, Lloyd, who reached the limit of her patience, destroyed the desk in her interview room. She says, “Thank you for today,” rounding up her interview and trying to leave her room.

To the interviewer that the interview was not over yet, Lloyd said, “If it was your school’s educational philosophy to disregard the feelings of your child, you made a mistake in choosing the school.” She left the room with Yor and Anya.

Lloyd wanted her to enroll Anya more than anyone else to carry out her mission. However, Lloyd’s lines, which showed her anger at her repeated rants against Anya and Yor, and took a stubborn attitude, were very masculine.

A word from Lloyd, who is genuinely pleased with her unexpected activity of Anya

Lastly, I would like to introduce Lloyd’s line to Anya, who entered Eden school safely. Lloyd wants to make Anya a scholarship student at Eden to carry out her mission. For that purpose, she is active in studying, and her shortcut is to collect a medal called “Star (Stella).” However, Anya, who is not good at looking at her, seemed to have difficulty acquiring Stella with her excellent grades.

There, she aims to acquire Stella by contributing to society, and Anya and Lloyd participate in volunteer activities at the hospital. However, Anya continues to fail and is told to return to her nurse.

Then Anya hears her heart, and she finds someone drowning in the pool. Anya rushed into the pool with a fierce dash, but she drowned herself, and Lloyd, who came late, helped them. However, in recognition of this brave life-saving achievement, Anya wins Stella brilliantly.

The boy’s family who helped her visits to thank him, and Yor is pleased to hug Anya for his credit. Lloyd was surprised at her unexpected acquisition of Stella, but she muttered in her mind, “I feel more proud of it when I prevented terrorism.”

And when she strokes Anya’s head, she sends her heartfelt compliment to Anya, saying “well done” regardless of her mission. Anya replied with a big smile, “Eh,” but it must have been the most gratifying word for Anya, who can read her heart.

Lloyd’s thoughts of prioritizing his duties as a spy were conspicuous in the early stages, but I’m glad that a family bond is gradually emerging with Anya and Yor. I’m irresistibly fascinated by the words that Lloyd sometimes shows.

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