‘Nanja Sono Collaboration’ Molcar x Transformers Shocking ‘Morformer’ Awakens

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“Transformers: Beast Awakening ” (released on August 4) is the latest work of the world-famous ” Transformers” and marks the beginning of a new series. This time, a special video in collaboration with the popular anime ” PUI PUI Molcar ” has been unveiled.

In the video, cute Molka Potatoes and Shiromo are dispatched in response to Optimus Prime’s (voice: Tesshō Genda ) command, “Molka, Transform!” It transforms into a “Morformer” and shows off a shocking visual.

Molkar does not appear in the main story of ” Transformers Beast Awakening. “

The stop-motion animation ” PUI PUI Molcar ” depicts the daily life of “Morcars,” who are guinea pigs turned into cars, and its surreal content has become a hot topic mainly on SNS.

The director of the same work, Asaki Misato, is a big fan of the ” Transformers ” series, and in the past, ” PUI PUI Molcar ” had a “Morformer” parody of “Transformers.” Transformers: Beast Awakening ” distributor Towa Pictures sent a passionate offer, and this collaboration was realized.

In the beginning, the main character of Molcar, Potato, appears with the narration, “The strongest beast in history has awakened.” And he receives the dispatch order of “Moruka, Transform!”

Furthermore, to prevent the extinction of the Earth, the pattern of transformers transforms one after another. Under cover of that heroic figure, Potato and Shiromo gather together. In the end, along with the gorilla-shaped transformer “Optimus Primal,” he tries to transform stylishly, but… A collaboration between the Morkars, who are called “the cutest beasts on earth,” and the powerful “beasts.” is a must-see.

The stage is 1994, shortly after Transformers, led by Optimus Prime, came to Earth. “Unicron,” the worst enemy of the non-standard size that swallows and eats every planet, has set the Earth as its next target. To face the crisis, Prime gathers his allies and rises with the unintentionally caught humans Noah, Elena, and the Beasts, a new hope to save the planet.

Based on “Beast Wars: Super Lifeform Transformers” (1997-98), one of the most popular anime series in the past and produced enthusiastic fans, the director and cast have been renewed. Released in the United States ahead of Japan, it recorded about 60.5 million dollars (*about 8.447 billion yen in Japanese yen / according to Box Office Mojo) in 3 weekends and started a big hit. It has been well-received, with a rating of 92% (the highest rating of the series ever) from general viewers on the dry criticism site “Rotten Tomatoes,” and there are voices of praise such as “the best masterpiece of the series.”

Japanese dubbed voice actors include Kento Nakajima (playing Noah), Riisa Naka (playing Elena), Tessho Genda (translating Optimus Prime), Takehito Koyasu (playing Optimus Primal), Wataru Takagi (playing Cheetah), and Ryoka Yuzuki (Nightbird). ), Ai Fairouz (as Arcee), Shunsuke Takeuchi (as Wheeljack), Takako Honda (as Air Raiser), Nobuo Tobita (as Scourge), Kenta Miyake (as Battle Trap), etc. Sound director Miwa Iwanami, known for “Transformers Beast Awakening,” will be released on August 4.

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